First Responder Course
February 2006
Islesford Neighborhood House

Photos and commentary courtesy of Phil & Karin Whitney.

See the photos below.

Several Great Cranberry Island residents brushed up on their emergency medical skills by taking the First Responder Course held in the Neighborhood House on Islesford.

The course was held on seven days spread over two weeks:

First week: 4 days, Feb. 7-10 (Tue-Fri)
Second week: 3 days, Feb. 17-19 (Fri-Sun)
Final Test: 1 whole day, Feb. 25 (Sat) in Northeast Harbor.

Our sincerest thanks to the following people who contributed their time and efforts in support of the successful First Responder Course recently held on Islesford.  It was a community effort at its finest.

Thanks to Margaret Blank, who proposed the course and coordinated all activities involved with its implementation.

Thanks to all who cooked and donated the delicious lunches & dinners that were served to the group, and to Barbara Fernald for coordinating their preparation and delivery.

Thanks to Frances Jo Bartlett, who generously provided accommodations at The Braided Rug Inn for the Instructor, Joe Wellman, and for Phil & Karin Whitney, when we were stranded on Islesford the last weekend of the course because of bad weather.  Every morning she served a huge breakfast, and each evening welcomed us back after a long day of classroom work.

Thanks to Edgar Blank, who hosted John French & Malcolm Donald at his house the same stormy weekend, and also braved the cold & wind to transport our folks back to Cranberry on those nights when weather permitted.

Thanks to David Bunker, who very kindly cared for and fed the Whitneys' abandoned dog, "Jack". (Jack is also especially grateful.)

Thanks to the many supporting Islesford folks, including some of the school kids, who assisted with the classroom practical work.

A big thanks to Joe Wellman, the course instructor, of the Bangor Fire Department, who provided an exceptionally interesting and intensive course.  He will now continue with instructing the BASIC EMT Course starting in March, also on Islesford.  There will be eleven First Responders taking this BASIC EMT Course.

Approximately (65) hours of personal time was spent by each participant taking the course, to support improved medical services on both islands.  It was especially nice to see some younger Islesford residents taking the course.  It was a very well spent two weeks, even though the Cranberry Island participants missed out on the Valentines Party held on Cranberry Island, but the spirit of community duty came first.

-Phil and Karin Whitney

Class Discussion While Dead Mannikins Lie on the Floor.
Seated left to right at table: Alan McCormick, Margaret Blank, Edgar Blank, Wanda Porter

Phil Whitney Sleeping in Class.  John French in a Trance.
(left to right) Margaret Blank, Edgar Blank, Wanda Porter, John French, Phil Whitney

"I'm Alive!"
Chris Hathaway.

The Best Parts of This Course Were Playing Doctor and Chowing Down.
(l to r) Chris Hathaway, Sally Rowan, Nate Keegan

"Joe, This is Day 7, and We Haven't the Slightest Idea What We're Supposed To Do"
(clockwise from left) Chris Hathaway, Phil Whitney, Sally Rowan, Gretchen Van Dusen, Hally Marbet, John French, Joe Wellman (Victim)

"Psst....Malcolm, I think French has slipped into a trance. What do we do now?"
(left to right) John French, Phil Whitney, Malcolm Donald

Does Anyone Ever Pay Attention to the Instructor?
(clockwise from center) Karin Whitney, Malcolm Donald, Nate Keegan, Hally Marbet

Edgar Blank: "I Can't Stand To Watch This Brutality"
(clockwise from left) Sally Rowan, Gretchen Van Dusen, Edgar Blank, John French, Hally Marbet, Joe Wellman (Victim)

"Wow! We Gotta Get Outta This Place!"
(left to right) Edgar Blank, Malcolm Donald, Wanda Porter, Steve Palmer

Joe Wellman, The Instructor, Speechless (For Once.)

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