Maine Islands Coalition

Homeowner's Insurance Survey

The Maine Islands Coalition is gathering information on homeowner's insurance availability, costs, and customer service on the islands.  There have been numerous complaints from islanders concerning the difficulty of obtaining or keeping homeowner's insurance.  We are eager to know what your experiences have been.  There is no need to identify yourself by name.  Feel free to write as much detail as you like, including both "war stories" and positive experiences with insurance companies.
  1. On which island do you live?  Is this your only residence, a summer place, or a year-round-but-part-time home?

  2. Do you currently have homeowner's insurance?  Which company carries your policy?  (Optional: approximately how much do you pay annually?)

  3. Have your rates gone up significantly in the last three or four years?

  4. Have you been denied homeowner's insurance, or has your existing policy been cancelled or significantly changed by the company?  Please describe what happened.

  5. VERY IMPORTANT: If you have been denied insurance, or if your policy has been cancelled, what reasons has your insurer given?  You may also comment on these reasons... are they issues you could rectify, or are they out of your control?  Are they relevant to your community?

  6. Does your island have a fire department?  Is it year-round?  Do you know how it is classified?

  7. Has your insurer (whether you have a policy or have tried to get one) imposed requirements, asked questions, or insisted upon anything that seemed extreme, or peculiar, or unrelated to your property?  If you have an interesting anecdote, please share it.

  8. Any other comments?

Please mail your response to:

Eva Murray
POB 247
Matinicus Island, ME 04851

Or, email to:

(please rmember to put something logical in the subject line)

Or, fax to: 207-366-3360

Thank you!

Eva Murray, Municipal Clerk, Matinicus Isle Plt.
for the Maine Islands Coalition

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