Alert Pedestrian Foils Auto Theft on Cranberry Isles
Special to The Bar Harbor Times

GREAT CRANBERRY ISLAND, Aug. 22 - Great Cranberry Island Constable, Arthur Bunker, cannot recall a more bizarre crime during his many years on the Island.  "Wherever he planned to go we would have caught him," boasted Bunker.  With pistol drawn, Bunker pursued the suspect onto the town dock.  "I lost him in the crowd waiting for the 3:15pm ferry," Bunker confessed.

The dramatic events of the day began when Island summer resident, Susan Storey Lyman, a trustee of the College of the Atlantic, arrived at the town dock parking lot in her 1963 blue, four-door Checker.  "As I started to turn off the ignition I was suddenly pushed out of the car by an unattractive man who smelled of lobster bait," Mrs. Lyman recalled by telephone from her elegant home on the Island.  "As I lay on the ground the malefactor tried to drive away in my car.  At that moment I decided to throw myself in front of the car to obstruct his progress."

During Mrs. Lyman's courageous act which foiled the carjacking, she sustained multiple contusions to her right leg requiring immediate medical attention.  Fortuitously, her son-in-law, Dr. Emilio Bizzi, head of the Brain Department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was a summer resident and swiftly conveyed Mrs. Lyman to Bar Harbor Hospital where she was treated by Drs. Milliken and Kittredge.  A hastily scheduled press conference at the hospital was cancelled by Mrs. Lyman who insisted on returning to Great Cranberry where she has been convalescing under the vigilant care of Dr. Bizzi.

Constable Bunker is circulating a sketch of the suspect that he has drawn from Mrs. Lyman's description and he requests any eyewitnesses or mailboat passengers to contact him with additional information.  "We've got the car and Sue's [Mrs. Lyman] not busted up too bad.  It could have been a lot worse."  Bunker acknowledges that his quick response to the crime was lucky timing.  "The barge just landed at the beach and I was cranking down the ramps and talking to my dog when I heard the commotion."

Crime on the Cranberry Isles and the Mt. Desert area has been increasing steadily for the last two years.  As recently as last week the Cottage Street Bakery & Deli in Bar Harbor was robbed at noon by a knife-wielding man demanding cash and donuts.  He was apprehended by the Bar Harbor police within minutes of the crime.

-a satire by Douglas Alan Frank

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