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    Introduction by Hugh L. Dwelley

  1. Baker's Island Clippings 1853-1905
  2. USCG Real Estate Questionnaire (Feb 7, 1930)
  3. Historical Sketch (Mar 1954)
  4. Light Keepers 1828-1912
  5. Maine Cedes Jurisdiction of Baker's to USA (Feb 20, 1824)
    State of Maine - An Act to cede to the United States of America the jurisdiction of Baker's Island retaining certain concurrent jurisdiction to the State
  6. Bingham Heirs Deed Baker's to USA (Dec 28, 1827)
  7. Trespass Case

  8. Inspector Franklin Recommends Removal of Gilleys (Dec 10, 1853)
  9. Inspector Franklin Advises Keeper of Agreement (Oct 8, 1855)
  10. Summary of Gilsey [sic.] Trespass Affair (Dec 12, 1891)
  11. Map Showing Lighthouse, Dwellings, and Landing (1894)
  12. Treasury Secretary Asks U.S. Attorney General for New Investigation (Nov 5, 1896)
  13. Local U.S. Attorney Reminds Attorney General of 1855 Agreement (Mar 11, 1898)
  14. U.S. Attorney General Reminds Treasury Secretary of 1855 Agreement (Mar 18, 1898)
  15. Commerce Secretary Accepts Terms of a Final Settlement (May 6, 1909)
  16. U.S. Circuit Court, Maine, Issues Final Settlement (May 26, 1909)
    U.S. Circuit Court, District of Maine, Doc 53 in which the court rules:that "the U.S. is estopped to claim any other or further rights than it acquired by the aforesaid [1855 agreement]."  Also gave the government title and responsibility to forever after "keep open" the boat landing and affirmed USCG right of way from the landing to the light house.
  17. U.S. Attorney General Informs Commerce Secretary of Final Settlement (July 29, 1910)
  18. Drafts of July 1957 & March 1958
    Probably prepared for transfer of the USCG property to Acadia National Park.  Retains only the light tower (20'x20') to the Coast Guard.
  19. Background

  20. Solstice on Baker's Island by Arn H. Pearson and Mary Lou Wendell (Dec 1989)

  21. Sacred Places by Rev. Tony Burkhard


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