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B.  USCG Real Estate Questionnaire (Feb 7, 1930)



Identifying Serial No. of Property: LH-1b


Note: Use a separate sheet for each separate piece or parcel of property, with as many extra blank sheets as may be required for the replies.

  1. Dept. or establishment having custody:
    Department of Commerce, Lighthouse Service.

  2. Name and location of property:
    Baker Island Light Station, Hancock County, Maine.

  3. Present use (such as Navy Yard, military reservation, hospital, etc.):
    Lighthouse reservation.

  4. Original purpose (if it has been changed by Executive Order, so state):
    Lighthouse reservation.

  5. Date of and authority for acquisition: Act of March 3, 1823.
    War.  Deed of Baring, Bros., London England December 28, 1827.

    [word in italics is hand-written]

  6. Original cost: $300 - for the entire island.

  7. Area: (Final determination) Land: about 18-1/2 acres
    Water: ---
    Marsh: about 1/2 acre
    Total: About 19 acres.


  8. If the property is held incident to navigation purposes, so state, and describe whether the Government's interest is fee simple, or reversionary.
    Yes — fee simple.

  9. If the property is held for water power purposes, so state; and describe whether the Government's interest is fee simple or reversionary.

  10. Note: See Explanatory Notes on other side.

  11. If property is held for agriculture, manufacture or other purpose, state the purpose and the Government's interest.

  12. Describe briefly and generally the improvements on land such as buildings and other structures with uses.
    Tower; dwelling; oil house; fuel house; barn, boat house and slip.

  13. Describe streets, waterways, sewers, telephone and telegraph lines, owned by the United States or held by it under lease or permit.
    Coast Guard Telephone line
    [words in italics are hand-written]

  14. If under exclusive jurisdiction or laws of the United States so state; if not explain.
    Concurrent jurisdiction, State of Maine February 20,1624.
    for service of civil and criminal processes.

  15. Is the property owned by the U. S. Government, or under permanent lease, to revert to original owners in case Government vacates.
    Owned by United States Government (what there is left of it) see (16).

  16. Appraised value:_________
        Land: $550
        Improvements: $13,000
            Total: $13,550.

  17. If available, submit sketch or blue print of the property in question with this questionnaire.
    Blueprint of reservation filed with Bureau of Lighthouses, Washington, D. C.

  18. Remarks:

  19. No.

Date: FEB 7 1930

By whom made (Name; Title; Address): C. R. SHERMAN   Superintendent of Lighthouses.
P O Box 467, Portland, Maine.

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