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E.  Maine Cedes Jusrisdiction of Baker's to USA (Feb 20, 1824)


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State of Maine

In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and twenty four.

An Act to cede to the United States of America the
jurisdiction of Baker's Island.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives, in Legislature assembled, That
there be, and hereby is ceded to the United States of America,
the jurisdiction of Baker's Island, so called, in the State
of Maine, near Mount Desert, containing about one
hundred and twenty acres, for the purpose of erecting a
Light-house and dwelling house thereon.

Section 2. Be it further enacted, That this State
shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the United
States in and over the said Baker's Island, so far
as that all civil and criminal processes issued under
the authority of this State, or any Officer thereof, may
be executed on any part of the said Island, on any
part of the said Island
or any building that may be
erected thereon, in the same way and manner as if
the jurisdiction had not been ceded, as aforesaid.

In the House of Representatives, February 18, 1824,
This bill having had three several readings pas-
sed to be enacted.  Benja. Greene, Speaker


In Senate February ???? Bill, having had
two several readings, passed to be enacted.
Benjamin Ames, President
February 20, 1824, Approved
Albion K. Parris

State of Maine
Secretary of State's Office
Portland, February 20, 1824

I hereby certify, that the foregoing is a true Copy
of the original deposited in this office.
Attest A. Nichols, Secretary of State

No fee

[everything in this section is hand-written, apparently a photocopy of the original Act]


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