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F.  Bingham Heirs Deed Baker's to USA (Dec 28, 1827)


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Know all men by these presents, That we
Alexander Baring and Henry Baring, both of the City of London,
in the County of Middlesex, and Kingdom of Great Britain, Esquires, John
Richards of Boston, in the County of Suffolk, and Commonwealth of
zMassachusetts, Esquire, Joseph R. Ingersoll, and William Miller, of
the City of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, Esquires, Devisees
in trust of the Estate of William Bingham of said Philadelphia, Esquire,
deceased, and John Richards and Joseph R. Ingersoll, aforementioned, in
our own right, in consideration of Three hundred Dollars, paid by Isaac
?Stesley? Esquire, Superintendent of Light houses in the State of Maine,
and agent for the United States of America, the receipt whereof we do hereby
acknowledge, do give, grant, sell and convey to the said United States a certain
Island, called Baker's Island, lying and being situate south of the island
of Mount Desert, near, and joined by a bar at low water, to the Little
Cranberry Island, in the county of Hancock, and State of Maine aforesaid,
and containing one hundred twenty three acres and seventy five rods, more or less

----- [there appears to be a missing part of the deed here]

To have and to hold the aforemention'd premises, with all the privileges
and appurtenances thereunto belonging, to the said United States, and their
assigns forever.  And we do covenant and agree with the said United States
that we are lawfully seized in fee of the aforegranted premises, that they are
free from all incumbrances; that we have good right, and authority by the Will
of said Bingham to sell and convey the said premises and that we will war-
rant and defend the same to the said United States and assigns, forever, against
the lawful claims of all persons.

In witness whereof, we the said Alexander Baring, Henry Baring,
John Richards, Joseph R. Ingersoll, and William Miller, Devisees in trust as
aforesaid, have hereunto set our hands and seals, this twenty eighth day of
December in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty seven.

Sign'd, seal'd, & deliver'd
in presence of-
George Dounes
Francis Richards

Alexander Baring
Henry Baring
John Richards
Joseph R. Ingersoll
William Miller

by their Attornies-
John Black
Henry Richards

[everything on this page is hand-written, apparently a photocopy of the original Deed]


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Original Document

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[there appears to be a missing part of the deed here]


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