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H - Inspector Franklin Advises Keeper of Agreement (Oct 8, 1855)



No. 2.

Portland, Me., Oct. 8, 1855.


I send you a copy of an agreement upon which the suit against the Gilseys has been discontinued by the United States.  You will please regulate yourself according to it.

Be it remembered that it is agreed and understood, that hereafter forever the United States of America shall without let or hindrance have and enjoy the right of way or passage from the landing on Baker's Island used for boats and landing, from thence to the light house and buildings of said United States and shall as the same is now laid out as a town way and as now used and traveled, be forever kept open as an easement for the use of the said United States and its servants and officers as well as for all other persons and travel whatsoever.

And it is further understood and agreed that hereafter the said United States by its Light-house-keeper and all and every other of its officers and persona by them employed on said Island as keepers and laborers in and about the business of said light shall have in common the right of pasturage on any and all the lands on said Island now used and suitable for pasturage, as fully as we now enjoy the same.  Given under our hands and seals this twenty-ninth day of September, A. D. 1855.

(Sign) Elisha Gilsey (Seal)
(Sign) Joseph Gilsey (Seal)
Attest:: (Sign) Thomas Amory Deblois

The Lightkeeper is to have for his exclusive possession all of the cultivated land lying south of a line commencing at a point on the stone wall running from Elisha Gilsey's barn, seventeen rods from South corner of said barn, and running thence East to the East corner of the stone wall which starts from the barn near the Lightkeepers old house.

Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant
(Sign) W. B. Franklin
L. H, Inspector


Joseph Bunker, Esq.,
Keeper Bakers' Id. L. H.

[everything on this page is apparently a modern typed transcript of the original letter]


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