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M.  U.S. Attorney General Reminds Treasury Secretary of the Agreement (Mar 18, 1898)



F. 17,208-1896.
Washington, D. C.,
March 18, 1898.

The Secretary of the Treasury.


Referring to a letter received from your Department, dated November 5, 1896, together with its enclosures, in regard to the Baker's Island, Me., light-house reservation, I have the honor to transmit to you herewith, for your information and consideration, a copy of a report made to this Department by the U. S. Attorney for the District of Maine, dated the 11th instant, touching the title of the Government to said reservation.

On reference to said report it will be seen that in 1854 the United States brought suits against Joseph Gilley and Elisha Gilley to recover possessibn of said island, the whole of which was embraced in a deed to the United States made by the Baring estate in 1827, but that in the following year, on a disclaimer of title made by the defendants to part of the island (a lot forty rods square), which was accepted by the attorney representing the government, the suits were discontinued.  This course would seem to have met the approbation of the light-house authorities at that period.  See the accompanying copy of a letter of the Light House Inspector addressed to the keeper of the light house on said island, dated October 8, 1855, embodying a copy of an instrument executed by said Gilleys on September 29, 1855, granting a right of way, etc., on the island.

I am, sir, very respectfully,
(Signed) John W. Griggs
Attorney General.

[everything on this page is apparently a handwritten note from 1891]


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