Lloyd Hayes went out in LORAE to hail F.D.R. in the schooner AMBERJACK II [as the President passed by the Cranberry Isles in the summer of 1933.]  His hail resulted in this note.
- RCB [Robert C. Browning]


Roque Island Harbor, Me.,
July 26, 1933.

Dear Lloyd:
It was grand to see you yesterday morning and I wish we had had time for you to come aboard.

I do hope if you come to Washington this Summer or Fall you will come in to see me.

It is good to get back to the neighborhood of Cranberry Island.

As ever, Yours,
            (signed) Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lloyd B. Hayes, Esq.,
Cranberry Island, Me.

Letter courtesy of Bob Browning, LLoyd Hayes' nephew, who left several Lloyd Hayes memorabilia at the Great Cranberry Island Library.

Further info on the president's cruise.
After FDR's first 100 days in his first term as President, he took a vacation and sailed on 18 June 1933 from Marion, Massachusetts to Campobello Island, Canada, where he had his long-time summer home.  He stayed briefly, then returned.  He must have been hailed by Lloyd Hayes on his return from Campobello in July. -- BK