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24 September 2004

Groundbreaking begins for Cranberry House!

2 October 2004

Site preparation continues...

18 October 2004

Uncertainty about septic system placement and basement design having been resolved, work on the Cranberry House foundation started today.  There will be a full-height walk-in basement.  Basement walls will be supported by perimeter footings; extra footings in the middle support the upper story interior walls, and the stairs.

19 October 2004

Today, cement is poured for the Cranberry House foundation footings.

20 October 2004

The foundation footing cement is set, so the forms are removed.  Drainage pipes are laid completely around the foundation, both outside and inside the footing.

Gravel is filled in to make the floor level.

21 October 2004

Forms for the basement walls are installed.  Cement will be poured into the wall forms on 25 October, weather permitting.

view from road

entrance to rear walk-in basement

29 October 2004

Cement is poured for the foundation walls.  (Weather did not permit barging on 25 Oct.)

Now the cement must cure for 2 weeks.  The building is scheduled to be moved onto the cured foundation on 16 November, weather permitting.

outside walls painted with tar...

...then backfilled with dirt

16 November 2004

It seems as if the whole island turned out to watch today, as the Mountain View Inn is moved from its original location, down the main road, and onto its new full basement near the Parsonage, to become Cranberry House.

Poised near the main road.

By the Donald house.

more photos of the move, courtesy of Lorraine Bracy

17 November 2004

Being shifted over the foundation.

Cranberry House is in place!

6 December 2004

Working in 20-degree weather, masons construct a makeshift tent over what will be the rear walk-in basement wall.

They then pour and smooth over the cement basement floor.

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