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14 January 2005

Walk-in basement wall and doors installed at the back of Cranberry House.  A 3' x 4' window will also be installed on the opposite (right) side of this same rear wall.
photo: Karin Whitney

19 April 2005

Work begins on the driveway and parking lot.  Fill is barged to the island, and the empty sand trucks drag waste tree stumps off the island.

20 April 2005

Today's driveway work extends it down past the back of Cranberry House.  All wood debris has been removed.

Sticks on the ground indicate the extent of the deck.
It will serve as an outdoor café and stage.

21 April 2005

Today the driveway was finished, and the parking lot behind Cranberry House was about 75% filled in. The four orange stakes in the dark area at center mark the corners of the septic leach field (to be built next year.)

22 April 2005

All earth moving done.  Driveway, parking lot, and ramp from parking to basement are all filled in and tamped down.

View from the road.

View from the furthest corner of the parking lot.
No sand was placed where the septic leach field will go.

27 April 2005

Walk-in basement wall gets a window and siding.  The siding isn't finished, but had to be stopped due to rain, which continued all next day, too.

29 April 2005

Walk-in basement wall done.

Drainage pipe buried around the foundation to keep basement dry has a fine outflow after yesterday's rain.

2 June 2005

Underground electric & telephone conduits are installed in a trench.
There will be no unsightly overhead wires.

4 June 2005

Lumber for Cranberry House.  Installation of new windows, doors, and cedar shake siding to start soon.  2 photos: Karin Whitney

18 June 2005

Karin Whitney & Bruce Komusin paint all window and door trim with 2 coats of "cranberry" prior to installation.

30 June 2005

Bangor Hydro connects the underground power to Cranberry House.
The carpenters will need power soon.

1 July 2005

Strippers at Cranberry House!  Carpenters remove the roofing-shingle siding, to be replaced with cedar shakes.

Carpenters remove the old windows, except for the large front "legacy" window.

2 July 2005

Owen Roberts fills the hole where electric power goes underground.

Bruce Komusin stomps it down.

11 July 2005

Carpenters have stripped the old siding and windows, and started framing in unneeded window and door holes on the front wall.

19 July 2005

Old window holes filled in and new new windows installed in new places.
A temporary access ramp is placed by what will be main entrance door.

20 July 2005

Closeup of the cranberry-color window trim.

2 September 2005

Windows, doors, siding, and cranberry trim complete!

17 November 2005

Materials for the front deck and porch are delivered.

Workmen start digging holes for the cement deck-support columns.

18 November 2005

The deck-support column tubes, before...

... and after cement is poured into them.

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