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7 April 2006

Spring is here, and the sound of pounding hammers fills the air.  It seems that carpenters are working everywhere on the island.  At Cranberry House the builders have just begun work again on the exterior deck and porch, started late last Fall (see photos, below.)

Cranberry House will soon take on its final look!  The exterior is already extensively refurbished, with new cedar shake siding, new windows and exterior doors, and new cranberry-color trim.  The large front and center legacy window is fully restored.  When the deck and porch are added, the building will be transformed from a plain "shoebox" to a more homey and inviting structure.

This season we plan to drill the well, and, funds permitting, we'll start refurbishing the interior.

The deck will be 24 feet deep and 32 feet wide, with broad steps all along the front, facing Cranberry Road.

12 April 2006

Decking is applied, stairs started

14 April 2006

The steps are finished and the porch framing is started

17 April 2006

The porch roof begins to take shape

18 April 2006

Roof trim started

20 April 2006

Trim finished, roofing shingles started



21 April 2006

Deck roof finished, railings started

25 April 2006

Railings almost finished (stairs yet to be done), plus porch ends shingled

26 April 2006

Stair railings done

26 May 2006

Gary Gould starts drilling the water well

26 June 2006

Progress continues on Cranberry House, as today Gary Gould finishes drilling the water well (see photos below.)  It is 340 feet deep and delivers 8 gallons per minute of "good" water—according to Gary, who sipped a sample from his shovel.  Funds collected last year pay for the well, but we will put off installing the pump, storage tank, and trench (for underground power wire and feed pipe) until further funds are available.

Well done!  (340 feet deep, 8 gal/min)

8 August 2006

Heartwood Builders starts the interior work today.  This year's contract calls for refurbishment of the front 1/3 of the building.  The original stairway will be demolished, and a new U-shaped stairway built around a shaft suitable for later installation of the handicap lift.

Also, walls will be built, forming the entry hall, handicap lift shaft, kitchen, bath, firewall between the entry and museum, and two large closets (one on each floor.)  Insulation and electrical wiring will be installed in the walls before they are covered with sheetrock.

10 August 2006

Start of entry hall, stairs, and handicap lift shaft construction

18 September 2006

Walls sheetrocked in staircase...

...and kitchen

9 October 2006

Three fire doors installed, and oak floors applied in entry hall...

...and stairway.

24 October 2006

Retaining wall for earthen entry ramp finished

6 December 2006

Ditch dug for well water pipe and power wires

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