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March 2007

Work begins on the fire escape, a required item to obtain the Fire Marshall's approval to open the building.  Also, work begins in the basement, making a wall to separate the public area (Multimedia Center and Computer Lab) from the utilities room (sprinkler system tanks and pump, and circuit breakers) and the archival room (storage.)  And finally, we received five truckloads of fill, mostly loam (topsoil) which will soon be spread to form the lawn and the earthen entrance ramp to the deck.

12 March 2007

Five truckloads of loam (topsoil) and fill are delivered.
This will form the "Theater Green" lawn and the handicap ramp.

14 March 2007

Work starts on the two-story fire escape, an element essential for Fire Marshall approval.

28 March 2007

Fire escape begins to take shape.

Basement lights installed and partition wall started.

4 April 2007

Fire escape practically done.

10 April 2007

The fire escape is done.  The septic system has been started.  It consists of a 1000-gallon treatment tank near the building, with 16 concrete chambers for a drain field.  The chambers are reinforced and can be driven on; they'll be covered, and that area will become part of the parking lot.

19 April 2007

Septic system starts to go in.

Fire escape complete.

23 April 2007

The handicap-accessible main entry ramp lets visitors walk right onto the front deck.

25 April 2007

The loam (topsoil) has been spread on the front lawn.

The septic system is fully installed and covered.
Extra fill was brought in to smooth out the transition from the septic tank to the main entry steps.  The steps will have to be shortened.

2 May 2007

Maine Fire Protection Systems (Bangor) arrived today and started installing the "Hydro Pro" fire sprinkler system—the only one on the Cranberry Isles.  The system has four 500-gallon water tanks in the basement, and a powerful pump to supply that water to any sprinkler head in the building that opens, due to a fire.  The system has enough water not only to allow time for people to safely exit the building, but also to continue spraying in an effort to suppress the fire before it spreads.  There will also be an external connection, to which a fire pumper truck could be attached, to prolong the spraying even more.  This type system is better than the minimum required by code, and will help reduce our insurance bills.

Pipefitters from Maine Fire Protection Systems.

Four 500-gallon tanks in the basement supply the water.

Pipes and sprinkler heads are mounted throughout the building.

Installers consult the plans.

4 May 2007

Upstairs wall planks are delivered.

The "Theater Green" lawn is seeded and watered.

31 May 2007

Phil Whitney (left) and Bruce Komusin re-seed the lawn due to sparse growth.

13 June

Second floor Cultural Center walls installed.

21 June 2007

Deck railings are extended to their final length.

The garden planter is installed.

7 July 2007

Donna Sonday plants flowers recommended by expert island gardeners.

10 July 2007

Rustic stone steps are installed aside the main access ramp.

Retaining plants and rocks complete the design.

13 August 2007

The upstairs floor is covered in new oak.

The original downstairs flooring is sanded and refinished.

11 September 2007

Volunteers paint museum drywall and trim.

Permanent display panels from the original museum are installed.

30 September 2007

A gang of volunteers today helped move every document, artifact, and furnishing from the original historical museum in the Longfellow schoolhouse to the Preble-Marr Museum on the ground floor of Cranberry House.  The ground floor museum space was prepared, and the eight display panels were moved last week.

In the eight years we were in the schoolhouse museum, we accumulated many artifacts—which all had to be displayed, as we had no out-of-sight storage space.  But Cranberry House has a basement storage area, so now we can be more selective about the artifacts we actually put on display in the museum.  This gives the new museum a cleaner and less cluttered look.

The Preble-Marr Museum will open to the public in mid June, 2008.  To accomodate both our July and August summer visitors, we will hold two special Grand Opening celebrations: a live musical event on Sunday, July 27, and a reception for an "Art of the Cranberries" exhibit and auction on Saturday, August 2, 2008.

5 October 2007

The Preble-Marr Museum begins to take shape after the big move of 30 September.

1 November 2007

Cranberry House is finally poised to open in 2008!  Heating is installed (see photos below) and all major construction work is completed.  We arranged all the museum exhibits in the Preble-Marr Museum.  Everything fits in well, and looks attractive.

The upstairs Cultural Center is finished too.  It will be an ideal place to host all kinds of interesting activities, such as musical events, art shows, classes, and regularly-scheduled movies.

However, we do have two remaining pressing needs, and to address them before the planned grand opening next year, we've started a Handicap Lift Fund and a Hitty's Café Kitchen Fund.

Propane tank installed.

Basement heater installed.
(Heater necessary to keep fire sprinkler system working in winter.)

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