Charles Samuel Spurling, son of store founder Charles E. Spurling, waits on a customer.

Charles S. Spurling went to Hebron University, hence the large "H" on his college sweater.

From left to right, we can see:

  • three chairs, one a rocker, for casual "customers"
  • above the chairs a kerosene lamp on the wall
  • a large floor-standing coffee grinder
  • a large kerosene lamp hanging from the ceiling
  • a potbellied stove
  • at least 120 shoe boxes on the back shelves
  • a broom
  • another two chairs
  • the smartly-dressed customer
  • a scale on the counter
  • Charles in his Hebron U. college sweater, a neatly wrapped and tied parcel in his right hand
  • two barrels
  • three piled-up cartons or crates, the small top one has an apple printed on it
  • well-stocked shelves; the 12 square boxes above Charles' head near the top right are "Oats"

Photo courtesy of Barbara Brooks