Handicap Lift Fund

We have an urgent need to install a handicap lift in Cranberry House, to meet ADA rules regarding handicap access to public facilities.  Without it, we can't open the second floor bathroom and Cultural Center in 2008, as planned, since they wouldn't be accessible to people who can't climb stairs.  Of course, the lift will also be useful in other ways, such as to haul heavy objects and food carts between the first and second floors.

The Cultural Center will host not only our own activities, such as the Grand Opening, but also all kinds of creative and knowledgeable people invited to speak, teach, perform, or display their specialties.  But, to do anything, we need a handicap lift.

We have great plans for a 2008 Grand Opening of the Cultural Center.  Don't let the opening be marred by a closed-off area!  We need the lift.  Please do what you can to help.

The Challenge Grant
A handicap lift costs about $25,000 to purchase and install.  We made a good start toward raising that amount with a recent $10,000 challenge grant from Kathryn Davis of Northeast Harbor.  Now we have to raise the $15,000 balance.  To do that, we need help from ALL of you to meet the challenge, and fully fund the handicap lift.

Won't some of you who haven't yet given consider adding to the Handicap Lift Fund?  It's an especially thoughtful way to honor an elderly loved one.

Remember, all donations yield the satisfaction of enriching the community, while also receiving tax benefits.  Substantial donors will also get lasting recognition.  Your name, or that of a loved one, will be engraved on a plaque near the lift—to remind future generations of your thoughtful support.

Donation form
(fund closed in 2008)