Unofficial Summer Preschool & Kindergarten, 1917

Hettie Schriftguisser was a kindergarten schoolteacher from Boston.  She lived in the house currently the Haydock’s, with her mother & sister.  Mary Wheelwright, who lived in Seal Harbor, engaged a dentist, summers, to set up a portable office in the Ladies Aid and examine and treat the island’s children’s teeth.  She also engaged Hettie in summer to hold a sort of preschool and art classes for kindergarten-age children on the island.  They met in the parsonage, and had little chairs and round tables.

The photo shows Hettie and some of the other island kids.  The parsonage is in the background. According to Barbara Brooks, who is herself in the photo, the kids are:

  • Dorothy Spurling - under the teacher
  • Barbara (Spurling) Brooks - front row, second from the left
  • sister Louise (Spurling) Sorenson - back row, on the extreme right
  • Clyde Spurling (from Islesford) (father was Bert Spurling) - his hands cover his face
  • Fanny Spurling, sister of Clyde - back row, third from right, same height as Louise
  • Tud Bunker - third from right, front row
  • Forrest Spurling (later famous for his wheelbarrow) - all the way in back, by himself
  • Nelson Spurling (Barbara’s bro.) - front row on extreme right
  • Mary Teel (lived in David Bunker’s current house) - 4th from left in front row
  • two unknown Bracy girls in back row near teacher

Barbara Brooks was born in 1912, and looks about five in the photo, so the photo was taken about 1917.

See annotated picture below.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Brooks

Photo courtesy of Barbara Brooks