School Class, 1910.

Photo courtesy of Polly Bunker

The photo is labeled on the front "Cranberry Isle. 1910" and on the back it lists the people as:

Front Row
(left to right)
Second RowThird RowBack Row
Leslie Stanley
Russell Bunker
John Stanley
Holsie Atkinson
Victor Erickson
Gracie Atkinson
Bernice Spurling
Laura Erickson
Margie Bulger Phippen
Hilda Bulger Spurling
Blanch White Atkinson
Alvah Bunker
Esther White Howard
Florence Bracy
Hazel Bunker Hardy
Helen Trussell Alley
Gladys Spurling
Willard Rosebrook
George Hadlock, Superintendant
Edgar White
Bertie Stanley
Robert Stanley
Raymond Bunker
Mamie Birlem, Teacher

closeup view: