View across The Pool from "The Ways".
The two-masted ship Express is visible at the wharf on the near side of The Pool.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Lea

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo.

At least eight structures (houses, barns, shacks, and boathouses) are visible on the far shore, and a large house or boathouse, as well as a dock and fenced field is evident on the near shore.

1 Jan. 2000 - I received this note from Charles Liebow:

Hi.  Your photo from Mrs Lea I believe shows the Thomas Bunker wharves on the site where Mrs Lea's house is.  If you look carefully on the right hand side of the photo I think you will see the Richman house with the roof half covered in snow.

George Vaux has the original and he dated it at about 1852 mostly on the basis of the photo of the Express at the same wharf which was with this photo.  Islesford looks very funny in this photo but the Fish Point house is right where it ought to be.
Best, Chuck.

The ship Express (also visible, in the photo above, at the Thomas Bunker wharves in The Pool.)

Photo courtesy of Nancy Lea