Moving Cranberry House
16 Nov 2004

All photos (except last): Lorraine Bracy

The building sits near the main road while preparations are made.

A large truck will do the heavy hauling.

The new foundation, near the Parsonage, stands ready.

A Bangor Hydro truck on the main road prepares to cut the power.

Power is disconnected, and the lines to the left are grounded, for safety.

Power is off, and now the building begins its journey.

Getting onto the main road was quite a feat due to the sharp turn.

Ruth Westphal serves coffee and muffins to the spectators.

Once past the narrowest part of the main road, progress was rapid.

Near the tennis court.

Just past Harding Point Road.

Coming up Schoolhouse Hill.

Approaching the new site near the top of Schoolhouse Hill.

The building must be pulled past the site, and then backed in.

The foundation stands ready.

Another tight squeeze, as the turn is constrained by trees and a pole.

The building is backed in, next to the foundation.

The next day, after the building is slid sideways onto the foundation.

photo: Bruce Komusin