Obsolete Working Notes

These notes are all obsolete, now that Cranberry House is a reality, but they show the original thinking and some of the preliminary plans, so they are included here for historical interest.

current (2000-2007) museum (Longfellow School)
proposed new museum (Mountain View Inn)

The Proposed Cranberry House,
a new museum and cultural center
(The Mountain View Inn)

Original Configuration

Proposed New Configuration

Detailed Renovations

  1. Remove both porches prior to moving to new site.
  2. Prepare new site with foundation, well, septic, etc.
  3. Move to new site, just north of ball field, and northwest of Parsonage.

Downstairs (museum)

  1. Install plywood over all floors to cover cracks and holes.  Paint new floor.
  2. Install toilet & sink in bathroom, wall up current door, install door under stairway out to lobby.
  3. Fix dumbwaiter to make it work.
  4. Retread stairway in lobby with new steps.
  5. Remove most of wall between lobby & right front room, and convert to large archway.
    Leave enough wall -- 3 feet -- for front door to remain open against it.
  6. Wall up door from lobby to center room.
  7. Remove door from right front room to center room, and convert to large archway.
  8. Add support columns in center room for floor above.
  9. Remove chimney and repair roof.
  10. Remove 3 doors from center room to rear room, and convert to large archway.
  11. Build outside deck & stage on south wall, long enough to cover from kitchen window to end of center room.
  12. Install premade cabinets, sink, & counter top (preferably stainless steel) in kitchen.
  13. Install dishwasher and refrigerator in kitchen.  Install chest freezer, preferably in kitchen.
  14. Install pass-through shelf under kitchen window, to allow convenient sale through window to outside deck.
  15. Restore old window in bath (currently removed & covered over.)
  16. Install wooden half-shutters on inside of bath window.
  17. Install ordinary electrical outlets throughout, according to code.
  18. In rear room, install strip outlets (every 2') on separate run, along back wall.
  19. Install recessed incandescent light in lobby (1 switch).
  20. Install florescent strip lights in all rooms, with switches.
    1 right front room (1 switch), 4 in center room (switch for each 2), 2 in back room (on 1 switch)
  21. Wired to each florescent an outlet on ceiling for occasional spotlight.
  22. Install outdoor area security lights on all four sides, all on separate switches at a common control point.
  23. Install outdoor light under front porch.
  24. Install intruder detect security system with remote alarm.
  25. Install telephone and local area network lines throughout building.
  26. Install outside outlets on deck and both sides of deck.
  27. Replace both front & side doors with solid wood doors.
  28. Install screen doors on outside of both front & side doors.

Upstairs (cultural center)

  1. Paint stairwell walls white.
  2. Install plywood over all floors (except stage area, see below) to cover cracks and holes. Paint new floor.
  3. Install plywood, raised 1 step (8" or 9") as stage area over back 9-foot deep area of large room. Paint stage floor.
  4. Install slop sink (laundry tub) in left front room.
  5. Install ordinary electrical outlets throughout, according to code.
  6. Install strip outlets (every 2') all around large room, and along front "step" of the stage.
  7. Install stage lighting with dimmers controllable from rear.
  8. Install drop type incandescent light above stair landing (2 switches: 1 ea. at top & bottom of stairs.)
  9. Install florescent strip lights in all rooms, with switches.
    1 right front room (1 switch), 6 in center room (switch for each 2), 1 left front room (1 switch)
  10. Install four flush floor outlets spread out on floor of large room.
  11. Install microphone cable from stage area to back of large room.

In addition, all windows must be examined in regard to security and weather-tightness. It may be necessary to install iron grating, better locks, glass break detector, etc.

Room Size
(sq. ft.)
Display Length
(ft.) (in red)
ground, front room bath 3' x 6'5" 19.25
ground, front room left 9' x 6'5" 57.75
ground, front room lobby 13' x 4'7" 59.58
ground, front room right 13' x 7'8" 99.67
ground, center room 18'5" x 22'5" 412.84
ground, back room 12'7" x 22'5" 282.07
upper, front room left 13' x 6'5" 83.42
upper, front room middle 4' x 7'7" 30.33
upper, front room right 13' x 7'8" 99.67
upper, back room 31'4" x 22'5" 702.38

Moving the Mountain View Inn

There are no fences.

The building can be moved off the current location to the Main Road either by going over neighbor's land (permission required) or by completely chopping down a tree on the current owner's land (they would permit this.)

Then the building would have to be moved straight down the Main Road of Great Cranberry Island, about 1/4 mile.

The Main Road is 19-feet wide asphalt, plus additional 3 feet (usually) on both sides before trees or telephone poles.

In that distance, there are approximately 7 or 8 trees overreaching the Main Road that might have to be trimmed or limb removed.

In addition the following power or telephone wires obstruct the path:

  1. set of wires to Cox House
  2. telephone pole crossover (all wires)
  3. set of wires to Hartley House
  4. set of wires to Keven Wedge house
  5. set of wires to Deborah Wedge house
  6. set of wires to Macfarlan house
  7. telephone pole crossover (all wires)
  8. telephone wires to house across from Macfarlan
  9. power wires to house across from Macfarlan
  10. set of wires to Little house
  11. set of wires to all houses on Harding Point Road (all wires)
  12. telephone pole crossover (all wires)
  13. up a hill, about 15' rise
  14. Move house off Main Road onto new property

The Current Great Cranberry Island
Historical Museum
(in the Longfellow School)

Total Size   903 square feet
Total Display Wall Length   180 linear feet


Room Size
(sq. ft.)
Display Length
(ft.) (in red)
Shared room 29' x 12' 348 47
Large room 22.5' x 14' 315 68
Small room 11' x 14' 154 45
Hall 11.5' x 7.5' 86 20
TOTAL 903 180