The Eversmans, the De Salvios, and the Teels go on a Picnic

Holly Hartley says:

My mother Betty (Eversman) Hartley as a little girl (2nd. from left) with her parents Grace & Walter Eversman (3rd & 4th from left.)  Velma Teel on far right, she is the school teacher.  Her husband in captain's hat was Capt. Sawtelle Teel.  In front of him is their daughter Mary Teel.  I believe they lived in the house that is now David Bunker's.  The other two must be the De Silvios.

As my mother looks to be seven or eight years old in the pictures, I would guess that they are from early 1920's.  Simmons's and my grandparents and great-grandmother came to the island every summer beginning in 1919.  They stayed in boarding houses or rented.  In 1939 my grandfather, Walter Eversman, bought the property on Preble Cove and built the white house that my mother, Betty Hartley, lives in now.

Photo courtesy of Holly Hartley