Sale of Windows and Doors

Buy a Piece of Cranberry House! Some windows and doors are still available for "sale." Have your name on a small plaque by "your" window or door, to remind future generations of your support for Cranberry House.

Any remaining window for a Donation of $150
Any remaining door for a Donation of $300

See diagram below for window and door numbers.

Available Windows and Doors

Area Available Windows Available Doors
Hitty Corner w16, w17  
Hitty's Café    
Museum w21, w22  
Arts Center w7, w8, w13, w14, w15, w19, w20 d4
Media Room w18 d3

Sponsored Windows and Doors

East Side North Side
w1 Emily Roberts w5 Elaine & Peter Buchsbaum
w2 Wini Smart w6 In Memory of
Hillard and Mabel Hamor
w3 Owen Roberts w7  
d1 Gertrude Stanley Schmidt w8  
w4 Iona (Stanley) Rollins d2 The Donald Family
    w9 Charlene Bunker Allen
    w10 In Memory of
Hope Hamor Merrell
    w11 Tide White
Swam GCI to LCI
July 4, 2004
    w12 Suanne Glidden
West Side South Side
w13   d4  
w14   w19  
w15   w20  
w16   d5 Maine-ly Dolls Club
w17   w21  
d3   w22  
w18   w23 In Memory of Hal Newell, Jr.

Numbering Diagram