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Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 13:28:19 EDT
Subject: A bit from the past...

Greetings to the folk @ Cranberry Islands, Maine...

It was Spring of 1983.  I was attending graduate school at Boston College, anticipating graduation in the field of education and launching into a teaching career.  As a California girl who'd working in Outdoor Education in the Santa Cruz mountains, I was now falling in love with the newly-discovered East Coast, and enthusiastically searching the want-ads.

The most intriguing posting was yours.  Two positions: one in a one-room school house, the other in a three-room.  I was fascinated and ready to join your crew.

Unfortunately, the weather was too fine all those potential Tuesday meeting days... so the board answered the call to the sea and fishing instead of convening to select a teacher.  Each week I would call to see if my application had been considered.  Time grew short, and I had to be in Seattle for the final leg of my student teaching requirement in June.  An interview was essential, if I were to plan to return in August.

Finally, time ran out and I had to hop on that plane... taking with me my year of East Coast memories and leaving behind an opportunity that I know would have been rich.

I moved to Seattle that summer and never left.  Met my husband at a church singles' retreat in '84 and married in '86.  We have three beautiful children.  I taught two years of preschool, then started an early childhood program at the largest private school in the Puget Sound area.  I ran that for 16 years, taught music for three, and then took a break to give full-time attention to my busy family.

While perusing maps the other day with my kids, the Cranberry Isles crossed my mind.  Of course, I then spent a long time day-dreaming of what my life would be like today -- had the weather turned sour one of those Tuesdays back in 1983.  I'm sure it would have been filled with terrific adventures and meaningful relationships.  God has blessed me with those here in the Northwest as well, and, from the looks of your charming island photos... it appears He has done the same for you.

Perhaps I'll chance to visit someday and see for myself.

All the best,
Karen J. (Rutter) Weber, M.Ed
Shoreline, WA

reprinted by permission

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