There are several ways for you to show your support for the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society and its activities at Cranberry House:

Friends of Cranberry House

Become a Friend of Cranberry House. Your annual donation is a vote of approval for the activities of the society, and the events at Cranberry House. Members also get:

Print and mail your Friends of Cranberry House form each year, thereby helping the society continue its programs.


Enjoy yourself at one of the society's fundraising events:

Year Event
2014 Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo Concert [July 19]
Very Berry Day [July 29]
Art of the Cranberry Isles Exhibit [Aug 4 - 10]
2013 Frenchboro Cruise and Tour [July 25]
Art of the Cranberry Isles Exhibit [July 30 - Aug 8]
Live and Silent Auction to benefit Cranberry House [Aug 14]
Concert by Masonabu Ikemiya [Aug 18]
2012 Baker Island Home & Lighthouse Tour [July 12]
Art of the Cranberry Isles Exhibit [Aug 2 - 8]
2011 HITTY HOOPLA: A Rachel Field Day [Aug. 10]
Irish & New England Fiddling by Randy Miller [July 17]
Art Exhibit [July 30 - Aug. 4]
2010 Home, Art & Garden Tour
Art of the Cranberry Isles Exhibit and Sale
Acadian Players Classical Concert
Concert with Audrey Noether and Friends
2009 Mel Jones & Randy Gardner Mountain Music Jam & Concert
Audrey Noether and Friends Concert
Once Loved Arts Auction & Recycled Art Exhibit
Cranberry Island Inspiration Open Photography Exhibit
Masanobu Ikemiya Piano Concert
2008 Cranberry House Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting
Invitational Art Exhibit of the Cranberry Isles
2007 Garden Party & Painted Pieces at Cranberry House
2006 Arts: Creative Works of the Cranberry Isles
Quilt Raffle
2005 Art of the Cranberry Isles, Past and Present
2004 Once Upon an Island (David Jackson & Kristen Blodgette)
Crantini Event

Museum Store

Purchase a historical preservation item for yourself or a friend.  Items are offered for sale both at the museum store and on this site:


Help keep Cranberry House vibrant with donations to the Operating Fund, or to specific-purpose funds.  Express your preference by donating to one or more of the following:

Make donations (and become a member) using the Membership/Donation form.

GCIHS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Your gift of money or stock goes directly to the society, with no middle-men and no Officers' salaries diluting your generosity.

There are significant capital gains tax savings in donating stock that has appreciated, rather than selling it and donating cash.  Stock certificates can be deposited into our stock account listed in Contact Us or on the Friend/Donation form.

Buy a piece of Cranberry House

All donations, large or small, yield the satisfaction of enriching the community, but substantial donors also get significant tax benefits, plus lasting recognition through a permanent named remembrance item. Your name, or that of a loved one, will be engraved on a plaque by the item—to remind future generations of your thoughtful support.

Amount Item (choose one or more)
$100,000 Arts Center
$25,000 Entrance Room & Stairway
Entrance Path & Ramp
Handicap Lift
Media Room
Storage Building
$15,000 New Roof
$10,000 Bathroom and Art Sink
$5,000 Forest Trail
Granite Bench
Decorative Water Fountain
$1000 Memorial Plaque
$500 Memorial Rock
$300 Door
$150 Window