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Jane Goldberg Taps
by Bruce Komusin

Jane Goldberg, well-known tap dancer from New York City, visits Cranberry House to talk of her book Shoot Me While Iím Happy: Memories From the Tap Goddess of the Lower East Side, tell a few jokes, and demonstrate different styles of tap dancing.
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Interview with Steve Spurling and Janice Murch
by Wini Smart and Fred Quackenbush

Steve is interviewed in 2006 in his house in Southwest Harbor. He talks about his life, then goes into his workshop there to explain various aspects of boatbuilding. Then, in 2012, Janice Murch tours Steve's old boathouse by The Pool on Great Cranberry Island, now owned by her. She shows off several of her boats built by Steve.
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Secret Trail to the Western Way
by Wini Smart and Bruce Komusin

Wini and her dog Lily explore the woods behind Cranberry House, explaining the society's plans to construct the Cranberry House Trail to Whistler Cove.
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Rachel cover

Rachel Field Recites: A Video Fantasy
by Daniel Maslan

On 29 March 1939, Rachel Field appeared on the radio show "Rise and Recite" on the Mutual Radio Network.  The show invited people, both famous and unknown, to recite their favorite poem, essay, or excerpt from a play.

Rachel Field chose to recite the poem A Dutch Lullaby (also known as Wynken, Blynken, and Nod) by Eugene Field.

On this video you will hear Rachel Field's voice reciting that poem, accompanied with various moving and still images that help evoke the mood of the poem.

The entire production was made by thirteen-year-old Daniel Maslan, an enthusiastic videographer who summered on Great Cranberry Island this year.  He also appears briefly (sleeping) near the end of the piece.
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Bob Cumming

Interview with Robert Cumming
10 Sept 2003

Robert Cumming (1916-2004) first came to the Cranberry Isles at the age of 3, and, except for the war years, returned every year until his death in 2004.  This interview includes some sharp portraits of island personalities, as well as insightful observations of how the island has changed since he first arrived - often for the better, but sometimes not.

The DVD actually contains two videos: a short 12-minute edited interview entitled "The Good Old Days"? On Great Cranberry Island, plus the full 63-minute interview on which the edited version is based.
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truck pulling house

Moving Cranberry House, November 16, 2004

This short but suspense-filled video preserves that memorable day when all the island turned out to see Cranberry House moved from behind the Bracy house to its new site on the Historical Society lot.

All the boring delays are dropped, leaving only the moments of thrills, chills, and excitement!  (13 minutes)
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Hitty at the dock

Great Cranberry Island: Hitty's Home

An introduction to the Cranberry Isles, and how they influenced Rachel Field's poetry and prose.

This video makes the case that Rachel Field used the Preble house on Great Cranberry as the setting for her novel, Hitty, Her First Hundred Years.  (25 minutes)
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15 people

"Night of Poetry and Music"
a benefit for the Great Cranberry Library
July 29, 2004

Fellow islanders show off their talents to benefit the Great Cranberry Library.  An evening full of classical and popular music, seasoned with a some lovely poems, this year concentrating on Maine poets.  (48 minutes)
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David Jackson

Kristen Blodgette

Once Upon an Island
a benefit for Cranberry House
July 14, 2004


An evening of fabulous song and music from your old favorite Broadway shows, and some new ones too, featuring the singing of David Jackson, accompanied by Kristen Blodgette on the piano.  Highlights of the evening include Kristen singing and playing her own setting to the poem "If Once You Have Slept On an Island" by Rachel Field, and the show-stopping "Make Them Hear You" sung by David.  (48 minutes)
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an interview with Charles E. Wadsworth
by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin

Interviewed September 16, 2001, "Waddy" touches on his life and his art, his marriage to Jean, building their house on Great Cranberry Island, their publishing business, and the artist friends he introduced to the island.  Original music by Waddy's son, Geoff, and special narration by Waddy's daughter, Laurie, speaking her mother's words.  (40 minutes)
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Fishing with Wesley Bracy, Jr.
by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin

"Junior Bracy" and his son Scott haul traps aboard their boat, the Crustacean, while Junior explains the ins and outs of the lobstering business.  (10 minutes; DVD also includes 55-minute unedited interview with transcript)
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A Visit with Ada Rice
by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin

Ada remembers life on the island, her horses, and her pies.  (5 minutes; DVD also includes 60-minute unedited interview)
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Spinning Sheep Tales
with Gail Grandgent

Gail and her two friends explain about preparing and dying wool, demonstrate spinning, and Gail throws in several humorous anecdotes about sheep raising.  (54 minutes)
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a group cuts the ribbon

Manset Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The grand opening of the "Cranberry Connector" in Manset, 15 May 2003.  General scenes, then speeches by Phil Whitney, David Stainton, Edgar Blank, Chris White, Steve Pagels, and Les White, followed by the ribbon cutting itself.  (39 minutes)
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Karl Wedge Boat Processional

Scenes as Karl's ashes were committed to the waters of Preble Cove, 15 June 2003.  (37 minutes)
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Marjorie Phippen, an interview
by Wini Smart & Bruce Komusin

Marjorie Phippen (1904-2002) was born on Great Cranberry Island, and lived here most of her life.  At age 97 she still sharply recalls in this video the sad, humorous, and unusual island events and characters of long ago.
(28 minutes; DVD also includes 74-minute unedited interview)
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4 musicians

Ralph Stanley & Friends

Ralph Stanley does some serious fiddlin' and his friends join in.  Audyn Curless plays a mean second fiddle, and Abigail Curless, his mom, keeps the beat going on the spoons.  Meanwhile, George Swanson backs them up on banjo.  The video features George's touching original tribute to the folks lost on 11 September 2001, sung by him without accompaniment.  The performance was taped 15 August 2002 at the Historical Society's Annual Meeting.  (25 minutes)
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12 people

Night of Poetry & Music

The annual Library Benefit, taped 1 August 2002 at the Church.  (86 minutes)
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4 people on stage

Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry

Video of the original historic play presented at the Annual Meeting, 8 August 2001.  (41 minutes)
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