Korean War Service Medal Presentation

GCI, August 20, 2000

text of Vice Admiral Johnson's speech New!

Vice Admiral Gregory Johnson, a native Mainer, and soon to take command of the entire US Sixth Fleet, visited Great Cranberry Island today to present Ada Rice and her sisters Pauline Bunker, Leona MacAllister, and Charlene Allen with the Korean War Service Medal on behalf of their brother, Edgar A. "Eddie" Bunker, who died in action in Yonchon, Korea, 8 October 1951.

The medal is actually a present of the government of South Korea, who want to express their appreciation for the foreign soldiers who fought in the Korean conflict 50 years ago, in order to keep Korea free.

The presentation was held in the Congregational Church because early morning rains threatened to return at any time.  First, August minister Don Wells offered a few words and a prayer.  Then Vice Admiral Johnson gave a brief speech highlighted by a summary of the events and actions that brought Edgar Bunker to Korea, and eventually led to his death in action.

Next the Vice Admiral's aide, Major Parker, read a proclamation from the President of South Korea, while Vice Admiral Johnson displayed and presented the medal, along with several other mementos of the event.

Ada Rice accepting the medal from Vice Admiral Johnson.

This Korean flag, made specially for the occasion, was also presented to the sisters.  It bears the significant motto:

"Freedom Is Not Free"

A commemorative certificate depicting the authentic uniforms of all the forces fighting in the Korean conflict was also presented to each sister.

The story behind the design of this certificate can be found at korea50.army.mil

Vice Admiral Johnson presents a copy of the certificate to Polly Bunker.

Polly shows her certificate to Rev. Arthur Forrester, retired July minister, after the ceremony.

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