Islesford / Great Cranberry Island
Dueling Bingo!

14 February 2003

Scenes from GCI: The Community Center

This evening the two islands competed to raise money to retire the Parking Loan.

Barbara Meyers writes:
The event was a tremendous success!  On Great Cranberry we raised $3,231.00 in cash and pledges, plus $85.00 worth of gifts from island businesses that were awarded as prizes.  It was a bitter cold night and yet, of the 41 people on the island that night (not counting children under five), 27 attended the pot-luck supper, 17 of those attendees played bingo, 4 were ill or incapacitated and so could not attend, and 10 chose not to attend.  This exceeded my expectations in every way.  On Islesford, 11 children and 17 adults enjoyed a desert pot-luck before the games.  They raised $1,350 for a combined event total of $4,566 inlcuding the special prizes.  Our local campaign is off to a very good start!

Photos courtesy of Lorraine Bracy

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