Fire at the Parsonage, around 7 p.m., 17 Jan 2006
photos and story by Karin Whitney

Tonight we had a fire in the Parsonage.  I have some pictures; I hope something came out well.

It was very scary to see how fast an accident can happen.... [The renter at the Parsonage lit a fire in the woodstove because the power went off for several hours.  He left for some work, and when he returned] ... the kitchen was in fire around the wood stove....

David, Norman, and Phil went in to tackle the fire.  They said that if it had been just a little longer it had gone out of control.  Pretty scary.


19 Jan 2006 - Clarification on How Fire Started

This is what have been written in our report to NFIRS [National Fire Incident Reporting System].

The fire seems to have started in the chimney.  It looks as though the ash lid for the clean out was old and worn out.  Sparks came out and ignited a nearby wood pile which in turn lit the walls on fire.

-Karin Whitney

Firefighters David, Norman, and Phil planning before they went in and tackled the fire
Smoke came up on second floor
David and Blair look up to second floor after smoke
Blair in command of the fire truck
Fire is out
Malcolm, who saved the Parsonage by calling the firefighters.  Just some minutes later should have taken the whole building, according to fire Chief Norman, David, and Phil
All photos above taken 17 January 2006, the night of the fire.
This is how the chimney looked this morning. (19 Jan 2006)

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