New Trash Compactor
27 April 2006

Starting this season, all trash will go to our new "transfer station" located at the back of the old gravel pit, near where the dumpsters were for the last few years.  The fenced-off area is open to accept trash only on certain days and hours.  (Roadside trash pickups are also planned during the summer months.) When the site is open, an attendant is on hand to receive and help sort the trash.

The facility sports a powerful new trash compactor which compresses all the household waste into a much smaller volume.  This greatly reduces the number of ferry trips needed to get it off the island.

In the photo below, the large, dark-colored object is a sealed dumpster which receives the compacted trash.  It can be detached and hauled away when full.  The ribbed gray colored part between the dumpster and the building is where the trash is deposited.  The electrical and mechanical parts of the compactor are inside the building.

Trash is tossed into the open mouth of the compactor (gray, below) and then a large piston, driven by machinery inside the building, forces it into the sealed dumpster.

The site also houses the familiar recycling bins.  Steps are installed to make recycling easier.  The attendant leaves the bin doors open during working hours, so you don't have to muscle them open/closed.

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