Hurricane of 3 November 2007

photos courtesy of Karin Whitney
commentary courtesy of Phil Whitney

The hurricane [Noel] blew through Saturday PM and Evening while I was in Belfast.  Winds reached 80 mph from the North East.

A large boat, the Hurricane (very aptly named,) broke loose from her mooring in Northeast Harbor and drifted way across the bay to Great Cranberry early in the morning of the storm.  It went ashore just (2-3) feet east of the Williamson's new wharf, and sustained much damage.  They were planning to try pulling it off the ledges late today (5 Nov.)


The big spruce tree in front of the museum (nearest the well) cracked off several feet up the trunk and plopped over across the boundary extending onto the Ladies Aid side.


Another large tree on Bruce's property came down into the parking lot, directly across from the main entrance door.  Neither tree came near the Cranberry House.


Photos of the surf

Charlene Allen (left) and Louise Millar, enjoying the spectacle.

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