Moving the Giant Ship Model into the Museum

All photos courtesy of Karin Whitney.
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In the basement with the ship, John French (left) and Neal Corson contemplate the task.
John lowers the top portion of the masts to make the tall ship less so.

Using sling ropes, the team carries the ship out of the basement.  In front: Neal Corson and Bruce Komusin.  Behind: Michael Macfarlan and John French.  At the stern: Phil Whitney hamming for the camera.

The ship is carried under the fire escape stairway.

The sling ropes allow the ship to be carried as low as possible (to pass through doorways) without forcing the carriers to bend into awkward postures.

The ship is carried up the fire escape to the museum on the ground floor.

At the museum (ground floor) landing.

The ship is lifted to turn it on the stairway landing.

After being turned it is lowered so the masts clear the door jamb.

The ship is carefully carried into the museum.

The job done, the team steps back... admire their work.

The team (from left): John French, Phil Whitney, Bruce Komusin, Neal Corson.
Not shown: Michael Macfarlan.

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