March 7, 2010 Sunbeam Visit to Swan's Island

All photos courtesy of Karin Whitney.
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The Sunbeam ready to leave Great Cranberry Island for Swan's Island

Pastors Rob Benson (left) and Gary De Long

(l to r) Louise Chaplin, Melanie Sanborn, and Sophie Dowling

Jeri Spurling and Phil Whitney

Anna Fernald (left) and Ruth Westphal

(l to r) Louise Chaplin, Melanie Sanborn, Jessica Sanborn, and Sophie Dowling

Phil Whitney and Jessica Sanborn

Arriving at Swan's Island

Karin Whitney at Swan's Island

Rick Alley at Swan's Island

Dave Thomas (left) and Gary De Long at Swan's

Eliza Greenman and Ted Spurling at Swan's

Pastor Rob Benson enjoys Swans Island

Swan's Island Baptist Church

Gifts to Haiti from the Swan's Island Baptist Church

Pastors Rob Benson (left) and Ken Dutille

Swan's Island Baptist Church Organist

A tiny miniature horse on Swan's Island

Swan's Island

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