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The Cemeteries of Great Cranberry Island

Cemeteries of Great Cranberry Island: notes by Leslie Victor Stanley (extensive but unedited)

There are eight known burial areas on Great Cranberry Island:

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Preble Cemetery Preble Cemetery
Bunker Cemetery Bunker Cemetery
Spurling Cemetery Spurling #2  Spurling #3  (adjacent to each other)
Harding Point Cemetery Harding Cemetery
George Bunker Cemetery
Stanley Cemetery
(official website)

Stanley Cemetery
(page under construction)
Stanley Cemetery #2
Spurling Shore Cemetery Spurling Cemetery #1
Fish Point Cemetery Stanley Cemetery #1

(I have not yet prepared reports for the last three:
the Stanley, Spurling Shore, and Fish Point Cemeteries.)

Combined Tables

The following table lists, in alphabetical order by family name, many but not all persons known to be buried on Great Cranberry Island.  It includes the following cemeteries up to the dates indicated:

Bunker Cemetery (Aug 1997)
Harding Cemetery (Aug 1999)
Preble Cemetery (Aug 1994)
Spurling Cemetery (Aug 1999)
(The Stanley, Fish Point, and Spurling Shore Cemeteries are not included as they have not been recorded yet.)

Please note that the dates in the table, and the individual tables derived from it, are approximate -- to the year.  For comments and exact dates see the corresponding inscriptions, which is easy to do simply by clicking on the cemetery coordinate listed in the table.

All Great Cranberry combined
You can also download the combined table as a database file and massage it yourself.  I use Microsoft Excel, but practically any database program will do.

Download the combined database as a comma-separated text file
  file name: combined_gci.csv
  file size: about 20 kb

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