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Western Way 19

Classic Launch

Lobster Yacht Convertible


Center Console

The Western Way 19 is a handsome, able and fast boat combining traditional downeast styling with innovative modem bottom lines.  On a plane she is a lively performer, yet she handles exceptionally well at low speeds, unlike typical deep-vee models.  She is the development of a smaller craft, which has shown exceptional rough water ability and is in regular use as a towboat for much larger vessels and as a year-round all weather fast commuter.

The Western Way 19 is constructed of solid fiberglass with an interior grid to provide strength and stiffness to handle any weather.  Standard finish includes mechanical steering, built-in fuel tanks, mooring cleat, bow chocks, side and stern cleats and PVC sheer guard with stainless trim.  Full foam floatation is installed under the cockpit deck and in other void spaces to insure safety.  Classic Launch, Bass Boat and Lobster Yacht models have vee berths in the cabin.

The Western Way 19 is available in the Classic Launch style, as a Center Console model, the Bass Boat or in the unique Lobster Yacht Convertible.  This special design offers the convenience of operating while seated and fully protected from the weather, or, with the top rolled back standing at the helm, all without spoiling the appearance by requiring a high ungainly top.  The cockpit deck is self-draining through transom scuppers.

We build the Western Way 19 to order so you may have her just as you want her, choosing from many available options.  Power may be an outboard of 90-115 hp. or an inboard.