For the Great Cranberry Library

Revised August 2005

The Great Cranberry Library, serving the town of Cranberry Isles, affirms the following purposes and roles in serving the community:

  1. To supply materials in order to meet the community's demand for books and information technology,
  2. To be an independent learning and resource center to enhance human learning and experience for individuals of all ages, including but not limited to:
    1. A collection of books including standard references, biography, classics, contemporary fiction, current affairs, history, philosophy, religion, social sciences, technology and the arts,
    2. A special collection of books appealing to children and teenagers,
    3. A collection of books and archival materials relating to the island community, the State of Maine and the New England region,
    4. A commitment to providing access to information technology that supports the library's mission,
    5. A commitment to providing interlibrary loan for requested materials not available in the collection.
  3. To serve as a community center for non-profit organizations having educational, cultural and civic purposes. In this regard the library is available to serve The Longfellow School. Additionally the library provides information concerning community events and services and hosts cultural, educational and artistic programs and exhibits.
  4. To support free access to materials and the American Library Association's statement concerning the Freedom to Read Statement and the Library Bill of Rights. The Great Cranberry Library Board of Directors policies and hiring practices likewise uphold the ideals of free speech and human equality. The Board hires personnel adequate and able to support the library's programs and services.