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1999 Cranberry Isles Report
by Richard Beal

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Dateline December 6, 1999

Minutes of the Board of Selectmen's Meeting,
Town of Cranberry Isles
6 December 1999

The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Cranberry Isles held their monthly meeting at 08:45 AM, 6 December 1999 at the Islesford Neighborhood House, Little Cranberry Island. All selectmen (Kate Chaplin, Richard Beal and Maurice Phillips) were present along with Town Clerk Frances Bartlett. The following items were discussed pursuant to a published agenda:

a. Town Clerk's Financial Warrants: Four warrants were executed in the following amounts: (1) $22,706.64, (2) $9,686.04, (3) $12,937.94 and (4) $2,100 for duties of Matt Skolnikoff, Project Manager, of the Cranberry Isles Realty Trust. This amount is reimbursable.

b. Opening of Waste Disposal & Recyclable Bids: Only one bid was received for these services even though the bid specification was advertised in local newspapers. The selected winner for the year 2000 was Edward Gray of Gray Enterprises, P.O. Box 85, Cranberry Island, Maine 04625.

(1) Recyclable Materials: Mr. Gray bid $12,000 for 12 trips, 6 trips from each island. This amount included $5,000 for the purchase of twelve 2-yard dumpsters, 6 on each Great Cranberry and 6 on Islesford. Each additional trip, should any be requested by a Selectman, would be at a fixed price of $500. Mr. Gray agreed to meet all specifications in the Bid Specification package for recyclable removal. Following discussion, Selectman Beal motioned for the Town to purchase all recycling containers and to deduct the $5,000 from Mr. Gray's bid. Mr. Gray will purchase these containers and place them on each island as agent for the Town. Selectwoman Chaplin seconded and the motion passed.

(2) Solid Waste Disposal: Mr. Gray bid a base price for 24 pickups of grain bags (12 from each island) for $15,600 for the contract period. If the amount of trash exceeds what can be safely put on one truck and an additional truck is required then each trip is priced at $650. Additional trips over the contract amount must first be authorized by a Selectman. Mr. Gray agreed to meet all specification in the Bid Specification package for solid waste removal.

The Selectmen have included the above amounts, along with recommended funds for hazardous waste and white goods pickups in the proposed Budget 2000 which will be offered to voters at Town Meeting in March 2000.

c. Year 2000 budget discussions: The remainder of the morning was spent discussing current expenditures and developing a recommendation to the voters for expenditures for the year 2000. Modernization of public toilet facilities on Great Cranberry and Islesford, along with significant road paving was addressed. Additionally, Harvey Bunker appeared before the board to report that all floats had been removed from the island waters and that he recommended replacement of two 20 foot X 30 foot floats (one for each island) and a finger float at Great Cranberry due to recent storm damage. Selectman Beal will prepare a Bid Specification for construction of these floats, as well as a Bid Specification for Year 2000 float placement and repair.

d. Rabies: Selectman Beal reported that presently each island has a constable who serves also as the Animal Control Officer. The State of Maine has recently advised each municipality of the increase of rabies within the wild life population and Selectman Beal indicated that cases have now been identified within Hancock County. Posters warning residents of this danger have been posted. In addition, Selectman Beal will prepare a notice for public display advising all residents that their dogs and cats need to be vaccinated against rabies and that by law all dogs must have this vaccination prior to being licensed by the Town. Dogs which have received an out of state vaccination must have a Maine vaccination pursuant to State of Maine law.

The meeting concluded at 11:00AM. The January meeting will be held on Monday, 3 January 2000 at the Great Cranberry Fire House at 09:00AM.

Richard Beal, Selectman
Secretary to the Board

Dateline October 4, 1999

4 October 1999

Board of Selectmen's Meeting
Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine

The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Cranberry Isles, composed of Kate Chaplin, Chairperson; Maurice Phillips and Richard Beal, held their October 1999 meeting in the Islesfords Neighborhood House, Little Cranberry at 08:45 AM, 4 October 1999. Discussion on agenda items were taken in the order advertised for this meeting. There were two guests present in the audience, Harvey Bunker of Little Cranberry and a representative of Harold MacQuinn Construction.

Item 1: Road Repairs. Harold MacQuinn Construction has performed road paving in the past on both Great Cranberry and Islesford. They were asked to visit each island in the company of a Selectman and provide a quote for:

a. Paving in the spring of the final 3/4 mile of road beginning at the Stainton house and ending at the Murch property on Great Cranberry.
b. Paving and pothole repair for the Great Cranberry Roads.
c. Paving of the Great Cranberry parking lot.
d. Cold patch application on the sides of the new cement pier section of the Great Cranberry pier.
e. Repair to the Church Hill road on Islesford.
f. Paving of the Merrill Road in the spring on Islesford.
g. Pothole repairs on all paved roads on Islesford.

MacQuinn Construction was asked to provide a breakdown of work that could still be accomplished this fall and those efforts that were best left until after the Spring 2000 thaw. Approximately 1/2 of the road budget for 1999 remains available for the fall work. MacQuinn Construction was also cautioned by the Board Chairman that use of their escavator on town roads was causing some road damage and that in the future they should use a trailer to haul their equipment about the islands.

Item 2: Waste Management Specifications for garbage and recyclables: The Selectmen decided that two bid notices would be prepared, one for solid waste and the other for recyclables. Bidders could chose to bid on either one or both. The specifications would be general with the individual bidders demonstrating their initiative and imagination as to how they would accomplish removal of each category of material from the two islands. Bidders would have to put into writing as part of their bid how they would accomplish the work and if they desired the Town to provide certain equipments such as bins or storage area. In order to evaluate each bid on an equal basis, the bidder would have to price out this provision and the Town would add it to the total amount bid when examining other bids that did not request such Town support. The bids would cover the Town's fiscal year of January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2000. Also all bidders would be advised that failure to perform to a published schedule would result in no payment for services, since in the past 12 equal monthly payments to a contractor has not resulted in timely work on occasion.

Item 3: Letters from the attorney for Phillip Whitney concerning CIRT actions: The Selectmen reviewed each of the letters from Anthony W. Beardsley, Esquire on behalf of his client concerning the Cranberry Isles Realty Trust. The Board of Selectmen found that CIRT has been complying with all of the provisions of law required by the State of Maine for a community development block grant and a response to Mr. Whitney's attorney to this fact is being written. As to notifying Mr. Whitney of CIRT meetings and actions, the board learned that Mr. Whitney is a member of the CIRT board but has not kept himself abreast of their actions since he is working outside the country. Selectman Beal has already asked CIRT to keep their entire Board of Directors informed as to meetings and actions since this is not the responsibility of the Board of Selectmen.

Item 4: Two Town Clerk Financial Warrants were presented by Frances Bartlett and approved by the Board of Selectmen in the amounts of $13,895.89 and $10,313.60

Item 5: Other items at Selectmen's pleasure:

a. Maurice Phillips requested that the Board approve his hiring of an electrical contractor to repair the Town pier light on Islesford, as well as install a second light for greater illumination of the pier. The improved lighting on Great Cranberry's pier, accomplished during this summer's repairs, has prompted a number of residents to ask for similar improvements to the Islesford lighting situation. The Board agreed.

b. The Town Clerk mentioned that she has been trying to reach the medical authorities who provide flu shots each year and Maurice Phillips indicated that he had their number. At a previous meeting Selectman Beal asked that all residents also be able to obtain free Pneumonia shots at the same time that Flu shots were given. The Board voted to do this and the Town Clerk will make the arrangements. Notices will be posted on both islands shortly for sign up in order to ensure that sufficient vaccine is brought to the islands. Innoculations will be given in late October.

c. Selectman Beal advised the Board that he is currently writing bid packages for Pier Repairs YR2000, Float installations and removal FY2000 and Snow Removal FY2000. These bid packages will be due in January to ensure inclusion in the March 2000 Warrant for Town Meeting.

The meeting concluded at 10:25 AM with a vote to hold the November Meeting on 1 November at 09:00AM on Great Cranberry Island.

Dateline September 27, 1999

Special Town Meeting
27 September 1999

During their September 1999 Selectmen's Meeting, the board of Selectmen authorized the calling of a Special Town Meeting for the purpose of considering three articles plus election of a moderator. Those articles read as follows:


Hancock, SS.
State of Maine:

To: Richard F. Beal, a Constable/Citizen of the Town of Cranberry Isles in said County:


In the name of the State of Maine you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of said Town of Cranberry Isles, qualified to vote in Town affairs, to meet at the Fire House on Great Cranberry Island in said Town, on Monday, the twenty seventh day of September, AD 1999 at 7:00 o'clock PM in the evening, to act on the following articles, to wit:

1.) To elect by ballot a Moderator to preside at said meeting.

2.) To see if the voters of Cranberry Isles will amend Title 12, Section 7457, 1D8 of the Maine Revised Statutes to legalize deer hunting in the Town of Cranberry Isles.

3.) Pending passage of Article (2), to see which of the following restrictions the voters wish to present to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife:

a) Legally licensed hunters must receive written landowner's permission, and use shotguns with buckshot or bow and arrow on Little Cranberry and Sutton Islands only.

b) Legally licensed hunters must receive written landowner's permission, and use bow and arrow only on Great Cranberry Island, and use shotgun with buckshot or bow and arrow on Little Cranberry and Sutton Islands.

c) Legally licensed hunters must receive written landowner's permission, and use shotgun with buckshot or bow and arrow on Great Cranberry, Little Cranberry and Sutton Islands only.

4.) To see if the voters of Cranberry Isles will approve a Community Development Block Grant application for the Affordable Housing Program and to submit same to the Department of Economic and Community Development, and if said program is approved, to authorize the municipal officers to accept said grant funds, to make such assurances, assume such responsibilities, and exercise such authority as are necessary and reasonable to implement such programs.

Given under our hands on the 13th day of September, 1999

Maurice Phillips     Richard F. Beal
Selectmen of the Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine

Attest: a true copy of the Warrant

Richard F. Beal Date: 13 Sept 1999
A Constable/citizen of the Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine


This Special Town Meeting convened at 07:00PM, 27 September 1999 with the election of David Stainton, President of the Cranberry Boat Yard, as Moderator. Mr. Stainton was advised by the Town Clerk, Frances Bartlett, of a special rule governing who may speak at a Town Meeting and [this rule states that] provided two thirds of the resident voters present voted in the affirmative, then non-resident voters could speak when recognized. In view of the fact that a large number of non-residents were present representing Great Cranberry, Islesford, and Sutton Islands, the voters said YES and the floor was opened for all to speak, particularly in regard to the deer population problem for which Articles 2 and 3 are germane.

Also present at this Special Town Meeting was Senator Jill Goldthwaite of the State of Maine Senate and two wardens from the Inland Fish and Wildlife Service.

Following nearly an hour of discussion concerning the deer problem and why Article Two should be passed, the moderator called for a vote. Selectman Beal offered a motion to amend Article Two for clarity of purpose. This amendment reads:

2.) To see if the voters of Cranberry Isles will recommend to the State of Maine, via representatives of the legislature, that the legislature amend Title 12, Section 7457, 1D8, of the Maine Revised Statutes to legalize deer hunting in the Town of Cranberry Isles.
The amendment was accepted and replaces Article Two above. A subsequent vote by secret ballot recorded a vote of 51 in favor and 6 opposed. Article Two passed.

The Moderator then explained that there were three options in Article Three and that option 3.c was the most inclusive. Therefore a vote would be called on 3.c and if passed separate votes on the other options would not be required. Following debate and a motion by Wesley Bracey, Jr. of Great Cranberry to change shotgun buckshot hunting to shotgun slug hunting which did not pass by a vote of 55 to 2, the assembled voters unanamously agreed to Article 3.c.

Senator Goldthwaite pointed out that Article 3.c discussed only Great Cranberry, Sutton, and Islesford Islands, and that all five islands of the Cranberries should be included. Accordingly, the voters in a separate vote included all five islands in the Article 3.c option.

Finally, David Thomas, President of the Cranberry Isles Realty Trust explained what the Trust was doing, and its immediate priorities for the coming year should the Town accept the Community Development Block Grant of $300,000. With only a few questions from the floor, a vote was called by Moderator Stainton and Article Four of the Warrant was passed. The Special Town Meeting thereupon concluded by a motion from the floor and unanamous vote to go home.

The October meeting of the Board of Selectmen will convene at 08:45AM, Monday, 4 October 1999 at the Islesford Neighborhood House, Little Cranberry Island. Topics for this meeting are:


1. Road Repairs, both islands, and contractor damage to Islesford roads

2. Waste Management Specifications, garbage & recyclables

3. Letter from Phillip Whitney, Great Cranberry, via his lawyer, concerning CIRT use of Town Gravel Pit, Great Cranberry

4. Town Clerk's Warrant(s)

5. Other items at pleasure of Selectmen

All visitors are welcomed to attend this monthly meeting.

Dateline June 7, 1999

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes

7 June 1999

The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Cranberry Isles met in regular monthly session at the Islesford Neighborhood House, Islesford. The meeting commenced at 8:45 AM and concluded at 10:30 AM with all selectmen present, along with three residents and two non-residents. Two treasurer's warrants were presented and approved in the amounts of $7,788.57 and $15,680.99 for the payment of bills. Other town business was conducted pursuant to the published June 1999 agenda and recorded herewith:

1. Trash Collection Contract, bid parameters for trash and recyclables:
Chairman Chaplin abstained from discussion of the issue on grounds of potential conflict of interest. Her husband, Courtney Chaplin, was present and contributed to the discussion along with other town residents. There was general agreement that improvement in the collection, storage, and removal of recyclables is required. Additionally, any new bid proposal is to contain specific requirements that the contractor provide containers for residents to deposit their recyclable materials, that all materials are to be removed monthly from each island, a firm schedule is to be made available for pickup and removal of trash and recyclables, and that the bid proposals treat Great Cranberry and Islesford as separate town contracts. Each island could potentially have two different contractors: one for trash and one for recyclables, or one contractor could win all four proposals and cover both islands for both trash and recyclables. Selectman Beal was tasked to develop and issue the new bid proposals. In the interim, on motion of Beal the current trash and recyclable contract with Ed Gray has been extended for an additional 60 days.

2. Pier Repairs, Islesford (Work in Progress status):
Material necessary to repair or replace support structures underneath the Islesford dock have arrived and Courtney Chaplin will begin this work shortly. Selectman Beal inquired as to the number of pilings that the town had in reserve and found that only one on Great Cranberry was available. On motion of Beal and approved, five additional pilings will be ordered for future use. Great Cranberry already has one broken piling which Mr. Chaplin will be replacing in the near future.

3. Ditching and road work, Great Cranberry (Work in Progress status):
Ditching commenced on Monday, 31 May, and will probably continue until about the 16th of June. As of the 7 June the majority of the Main Road had been completed except for the replacement of two culverts. Six replacement culverts are required for Great Cranberry and Selectman Beal indicated that unless there was an objection he would order the new culverts and include them into the current work package. [Note: Six culverts were ordered later this date for delivery by barge on 11 June.]

4. Concealed weapons permits: Procedures for processing:
Chairman Chaplin reported on her efforts as well as the work undertaken by Town Clerk Frances Bartlett to obtain all information as to procedures for issuance of concealed weapons permits, particularly when there is no established Police Department or full time law enforcement agency within the Town. Chairman Chaplin indicated that only one Cranberry Isles resident is currently authorized to carry a concealed weapon and that is Arthur Bunker of Great Cranberry. All other permits have expired. Following extensive discussions with the Maine State Police, Chairman Chaplin proposed that the Town assign the function of permit issuance to the Maine State Police. Under law, this option is available to municipal governments that do not have an organized or established police force. A document covering this transfer of responsibility was presented as part of a motion by Chairman Chaplin with approval and signatures (SEAL) by the selectmen. This transfer can be terminated upon 60 days notification by either party. [Note: As of 7 June 1999 all Cranberry Isles residents wishing a concealed weapons permit must write directly to the Maine State Police for forms, processing, and approval of their requests.]

5. Sutton Island - Trimming and moving of paths:
Selectman Beal recently visited Sutton Island and inquired as to procedures for taking care of the Town's paths. Having asked the question, the response is for Selectman Beal to take care of the matter as part of his "Road Commissioner" duties for Great Cranberry Island.

6. Shellfish Conservation/Harvesting Ordinance - Committee Member selection:
A non-resident attending the meeting reported that there had been heavy clamming activity recently at Islesford by "outsiders" and Barbara Stainton also reported seeing clammers arrive in the Great Cranberry pool digging for clams between tides. The Town does not have a current Shellfish Conservation/Harvesting Ordinance, however, similar ordinances from Brooklin, Eastport and Harrington have been obtained by Selectman Beal since they were recently approved by the towns concerned and are a model for the Town of Cranberry Isles. State statues require the Town to appoint a Shellfish Committee and work with the State Marine Resource Director for the purpose of drafting all shellfish conservation ordinances. Accordingly, the Board of Selectmen appointed the following individuals as the Town's Shellfish Conservation Committee: Tim Moran and Rick Alley, Islesford; Harry Alley and Richard Beal, Great Cranberry.

7. Other items at the pleasure of individual Selectmen:

a. Town Hall, Great Cranberry: Selectman Beal presented the request of Sonja Colby to use the Town Hall on Great Cranberry, 28 August, for the purpose of holding a birthday party and small dance. Some cleaning is required which will be undertaken by Ms. Colby. Selectman Phillips inquired as to the safety factor in holding a dance in the hall for a large amount of people. For the number of people involved this should not be a problem. The request was approved.

b. CIRT Documentation Approval: Selectman Beal introduced Barbara Stainton from Great Cranberry and indicated that she was present to obtain approval signatures on a number of documents related to the Cranberry Isles Realty Trust and the Community Development Block Grant which has been recently approved for CIRT. Following Mrs. Stainton's presentation the below listed documents were presented and signed with the great Seal of the Town being applied where indicated:

  1. Appointment of Matthew Skolnikoff as CDBG Program Administrator (Phase II), CDBG Program Environmental Review Officer, and CDBG Program Relocation Assistance Officer. (SEAL)
  2. Review and approval of a Phase II CDBG Administration Contract with Matthew Skolnikoff.
  3. Fair Housing Resolution: Reviewed and approved by Selectmen.
  4. Fair Housing Self Assessment: Reviewed and approved by Selectmen
  5. Residential Anti-Displacement & Relocation Assistance Plan: Reviewed and approved by Selectmen
  6. Disclosure & Update Report: Reviewed and approved by Selectmen
  7. Standards of Conduct: This document describes the standards of conduct for CDBG Program related decisions, reviews, etc., and is applicable to the Selectmen, the Committee, and Administrator in relation to all CDBG related matters. It covers conflict of interest, financial procedures, bidding procedures and overall fairness. This document was reviewed and approved by the Selectmen. (SEAL)

c. Blue Duck Public Toilets: Chairman Chaplin indicated that there are no toilets at the pier restaurant and that historically the Town has made a donation to Acadia National Park for the privilege of using their public restrooms, then in turn patrons at the pier restaurant would be able to use these facilities. On motion of Beal and approved by Phillips, Chairman Chaplin was authorized to enter into an arrangement with Park officials on behalf of the Town similar to past years.

d. Public Restroom on Great Cranberry: Selectmen Beal indicated the current condition of the Town's public restroom facility in the Town parking lot as being totally unacceptable for use by visitor or resident. It is essentially a toilet seat set on top of a metal tube leading to an open septic/holding tank. This is hardly the way to greet people to the island! On motion of Beal and approved by Chaplin and Phillips, Selectman Beal will try to find a solution such that no resident would be embarrassed to direct a visitor or family member to this Town facility.

e. Ditching on Islesford's Merrill Road: During the discussion of ditching work on Great Cranberry, a side discussion developed concerning ditching and road conditions for Merrill Road on Islesford. Selectman Phillips and Courtney Chaplin offered their opinions on current conditions with actions they recommended to bring this road up to Town standards for an unpaved surface. On motion of Beal and approved by the Selectmen it was decided that:

a. the Town should hire a contractor to bring out a grader and sufficient fill/gravel to smooth out the road, and

b. hire a contractor to complete the ditching on this road.

Selectman Phillips as Islesford's Road Commissioner will arrange and coordinate this Merrill Road activity.

f. Constable for Great Cranberry: Selectman Beal indicated that several residents on Great Cranberry were beginning to circulate a petition to the Town Selectmen asking that Selectman Beal be reappointed as Constable. Selectwoman Chaplin indicated that the earlier discussion with lawyers for the Maine Municipal Association had ended with an opinion that there was a potential conflict since Selectmen are the persons setting policy and should not hold other town positions. Upon request of Selectman Beal, the Chairman was requested to go back to the lawyers and discuss the situation in depth for a second opinion. (Note: Selectwoman Chaplin reports that the MMA indicated that there was in fact no statutory reason to prevent appointing Selectman Beal as a Constable, however, a letter to him indicating the parameters of his responsibilities would be appropriate for inclusion in the Town files. Selectwoman Chaplin will draft this letter and Beal will be reappointed.)

The meeting concluded with a decision to hold the next Board of Selectmen's meeting on 12 July at 9:00 AM in the Town Office on Great Cranberry Island.

Richard F. Beal
Selectman (Secretary)

Dateline April 5, 1999

Selectmen's Meeting Minutes

5 April 1999

The Selectmen's Meeting for the Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine was called to order by Chairman Kate Chaplin at 08:50 AM. The Selectman/Secretary was advised that meetings on Islesford are usually convened at 08:30 AM to facilitate completion of all business prior to arrival of the 11:30 AM mail boat. The Town Clerk, Frances Bartlett, was present along with five island residents (1 Great Cranberry, 4 Islesford). The agenda items were taken in the order posted by public notice for this meeting:

  1. Opening of Bids for Pier Repair.

    First order of business was the opening of bids for repairs to the Great Cranberry Island public pier. There were five bids received by the Town Clerk in the following amounts:

    Bidder                    Amount of Bid  Alternate Bid
    Shotcrete Systems, Inc.       $37,650
    Intercoastal Marine Transport 
     & Construction, Inc.         $43,800
    John W. Goodwin, Jr.          $63,056      $53,807
    Courtney W. Chaplin           $66,708
    County Concrete & Construction
    Company, Inc.                 $97,200
    Selectwoman Kate Chaplin excused herself from discussions and selection of a bid winner to prevent conflict of interest during the selection process since her husband, Courtney Chaplin, was a bidder. Shotcrete Systems, Inc., while proposing to install substantially all of the bid specification, took exception to item #3 and item #4 of the specifications. Item #3 specified certain requirements for reinforced concrete or use of precast concrete planks. Furthermore, Shotcrete Systems indicated that they did not plan to comply with Item 2.1a which called for the removal of all asphalt topping on the existing stone pier section, placement of Erosion Control Geotextile Class A, and such quantities of aggregate sub-base course-gravel to present a clean work surface. The Selectmen, and town residents present, did not consider Shotcrete System's bid in toto to be responsive to the specifications. In a subsequent call to the State of Maine Department of Transportation, the State's Project Manager for this pier project, Andrew MacDonald, also did not agree with the responsiveness of this bid.

    The bid from Intercoastal Marine Transport & Construction, Inc. indicated that either precast concrete planks or poured in place concrete could be undertaken for the same price of $43,800. All other provisions of the bid specification were accepted, with an indication that Stamped Shop Drawings would be provided once notified by the Selectmen as to choice of concrete installation methods and before any work commenced. It was noted by a member of the audience that Intercoastal's bid was received by the Town Clerk by FAX contrary to the bid specification. The Selectmen voted to waive this requirement, while instructing Selectman Beal to indicate in the Letter Contract that the Town of Cranberry Isles wishes to impose a penalty of $100/day for each day beyond 20 June 1999 that work is not completed on pier repairs.

    The Agreement and Indemnification letter for the renting of the Shoreward Dock Company pier on Great Cranberry during the months of May and June 1999 was discussed with instructions to R. Beal to rewrite the letter removing the identification of Beal & Bunker Company as the only company authorized to use the pier. It was the desire of the Selectmen that all persons seeking to discharge passengers or packages at this rented private pier during these two months, while the public pier was undergoing repairs, should be able to do so and not just the Beal & Bunker Company.

  2. Request of Tax Assessor (Gary Blanchette) for notification of Islesford property owners of 25-50% increase in property valuations.

    Chairwoman Kate Chaplin indicated that the letter she received from Tax Assessor Blanchette for publication in the annual Town Report contained a notification paragraph which was left off during the composing/printing process. Town Clerk Frances Bartlett indicated that she would send out a letter to each Islesford property owner containing Tax Assessor Blanchette's notification. The particular paragraph in the assessor's letter which was missing states:

    "Real estate sales which have occurred on Islesford during the past three years demonstrate that the land assessments on that island are significantly below market value. In an effort to achieve equity amongst property owners within the Town, owners of Islesford land may anticipate their land assessments to increase 25 to 50% this year."

  3. Repairs to drainage system bordering town parking lot Great Cranberry.

    Selectman Beal explained that the eastern side of the town parking lot on Great Cranberry appeared to be a naturally occuring drain for the fields and land in the center of the island. This water was flowing behind the Town's public toilet accommodations filling the sewage holding tank. Two points were germane to the problem: (1) the natural drainage had no place to go except pool between the Fred Moss property (Beal & Bunker Co. office) and the Town's public toilets, and (2) the holding tank for the public toilet sewage tank was not property sealed at the time of construction thereby allowing water to seep in and fill it. An estimate to seal the sewage tank will be obtained. Installation of a culvert to drain storm waters to the ocean is not permitted by law so an alternative such as draining to the east of the Moss property may be possible, allowing storm water to drain into the small pond belonging to Jack Wallace and Wini Smart.

  4. Drainage and culvert repairs on Great Cranberry and Islesford.

    Selectman Beal indicated that there were a number of drainage problems on both islands and inquired as to the mechanism to be employed for getting culverts replaced and drainage ditches cleaned. The Town has budgeted $35,000 for the maintenance of roads but as Selectwoman Chaplin pointed out few people will be stepping forward to work at $10.00/hour to undertake these projects. Selectman Phillips indicated that usually the task of identification of a problem, the hiring of a contractor or person(s) to make the repairs and provide materials, and the monitoring of work performed was left to each islands' Road Commissioner. If the work amounted to more than $1000 than the work package should be brought before the three Selectmen for approval. Road Commissioners are: Richard Beal for Great Cranberry and Maurice Phillips for Islesford. [While there are roads on Suttons Island they have been allowed to grass over and are now mowed with no cars allowed. On Baker Island there is one town road which is no longer maintained.]

  5. Notice to School Board on need to paint Longfellow School building.

    Selectman Maurice Phillips, prior to the Selectman's Meeting, spoke to a member of the school board about the need for paint. An estimate will be obtained and included in the Year 2000 budget. Selectmen Beal pointed out that the Great Cranberry Library has indicated a willingness to also paint the Library portion of the building since they are joined by a common entrance and they would keep the appearance uniform.

  6. Issuance of bid notice for annual pier repair services for Great Cranberry, Islesford and Sutton Islands.

    The current contract with Courtney Chaplin will be continued for 90 days while a Bid Notice/Solicitation is published. The Selectmen agreed that a more structured process with signed contract is required. This process also needs to begin with a bid specification rather than an expression of work required in the Bid Notice.

  7. Request of Ladies Aid Society, Great Cranberry.

    Selectman Beal indicated that the Town owned a large antique pot belly wood stove which is currently located at the Cranberry General Store, Great Cranberry. The store's owner, Barbara Stainton, wishes to utilize the space now occupied by this stove which is not hooked up for operation. Because of its historical value and age [stove used to heat the town hall for more than 60 years] the Ladies Aid Society has volunteered to accept custody of this stove and maintain it within the Society's building next to the Congregation Church. By unanimous vote the Selectmen agreed to turn this stove over to the Ladies Aid Society on a permanent loan basis with authority to make repairs as required to put it back into operation such as welding seams and mending the metal legs. A letter to this effect is to be prepared by the Selectman Secretary.

  8. &
  9. Snow Plowing Contract and Trash Removal Contract.

    Specifications for both of these contracts need to be prepared and advertised for bids. In the interim both contracts now in force will be continued for a period of 90 days. Selectman Beal indicated that the snow contract is for Great Cranberry, since Islesford maintains a Town truck and hires men by the hour to plow, and that he has obtained a copy of the bid specification on snow removal from the Selectmen of Winter Harbor to use as a guide. A comprehensive specification, tailored to Great Cranberry's requirements will be prepared for the next Selectmen's meeting.

  10. Other Business.

    A. Selectwoman Chaplin indicated that the Cranberry Island Realty Trust (CIRT) is interested in purchasing the Eric Lake property on Islesford. CIRT has been awarded a community block development grant for development or acquisition of low income housing within the Town of Cranberry Isles. By special Town Meeting held in January 1999, the Town voted to support the CIRT grant application by showing a good faith commitment for this project with an allocation of 4 acres of town land on Great Cranberry. Kate Chaplin's concern is for the back taxes presently due the Town on the Eric Lake property. The Town Clerk needs to issue a tax lien on this property reflecting the fact that back taxes due are: 1996: $909.44; 1997: $925.68; and 1998: $925.68 for a total of: $2,760.80 which Clerk Frances Bartlett said she would undertake to do.

    B. Selectman Beal indicated that he had received a large document package from the State of Maine Department of Transportation, Community Services Division, Local Roads Center. This package contained information on Sand & Salt Sheds which are needed on both Great Cranberry and Islesford. DOT has asked that the Town provide whenever possible a "Municipal Preliminary Plan" for sand and salt shed now on the island. Peter M. Coughlan, P.E. is the Director of the DOT Community Services Division and will be point of contact as this project develops. {Note: The Town at its 1999 Annual Meeting agreed to establish a garage building trust fund with an allocation in 1999 of $10,000.

    C. Discussions arose about the previously approved switching of the Fire House with the Town Garage on Islesford. The Town owns both buildings, however, the Fire Department is currently required to store one truck behind the other due to space limitations in the building now occupied which is attached to the Islesford Elementary School. The offer from the Islesford Fire Club was to swap between the two buildings and the club would undertake at its expense renovations to the current Town Garage by adding overhead doors for a two bay garage and installation of a heating system. The club would pay for heating the new fire house. Two residents in the audience objected to this earlier decision by the Selectmen and challenged their authority to make such a swap in use between the two buildings. Selectwoman Chaplin indicated that she would seek an advisory opinion from an attorney within the Maine Municipal Association.

    [Note: The Maine Municipal Association indicated in a return call 5 April to Selectwoman Chaplin that with the Town's present Charter a decision on swapping services or uses for these buildings probably should be by vote of the citizens at a Town Meeting. Accordingly, Selectwoman Chaplin as Chairperson of the Selectmen talked with Selectman Beal and will do the same with Selectman Phillips about holding a Special Town Meeting in conjunction with the May 1999 Selectmen's Meeting. A formal notice of this Special Town Meeting will be published at least two weeks prior to May 3rd.]

The next Selectmen's Meeting is scheduled for 3 May 1999 at 09:00 AM at the Fire House on Great Cranberry Island. The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM.

Richard F. Beal
Selectman (Secretary)

Dateline March 31, 1999

I have prepared a short accounting of the fire club meeting last night.


The Great Cranberry Island Fire Club held its first meeting in more than a year on 30 March 1999. The meeting opened promptly at 7:00PM with Club President David Bunker taking note that all of the club officers were present with the exception of Treasurer Michael Westphal. Secretary Edward Horvath took the roll and annual dues were collected. Present for this meeting were:

David Bunker, President
George A. Savage, Fire Chief
Edward Horvath, Secretary
Wesley Bracy, Jr., Fire Warden
Michael Macfarlan
Debra Wedge
Harry Alley
Mark Alley

There were two guests present, sponsored by George Savage, who were later inducted as the newest members of the Fire Club: Richard F. Beal, Selectman for the Cranberry Isles and Foster Smith of Blue Hill who lives on Great Cranberry 5 days a week while employed at the Cranberry Island Boatyard.

Following acceptance of the minutes and treasurer's report, presented by George Savage in the absence of Michael Westphal, a motion from the floor to have Mr. Westphal begin the annual campaign for funds was offered and accepted by unanimous vote. Donations from the public, a small stipend from the Town of Cranberry Isles and annual summer potluck suppers provide the essential operating capital to maintain the fire truck, ambulance, and support equipment. Selection of dates in August 1999 to hold the pot luck suppers was deferred until the Ladies Aid, Library, and Historical Society have been contacted as to their chosen dates for similar events.

George (Arvard) Savage then presented his research and thoughts on obtaining a spare portable water tank of 600 gallons to assist in providing sufficient water for an island fire. Mr. Savage listed several options while discussion from the floor centered on sources of island water with which to fill such a tank, particularly during the winter months when everything is frozen. A recent letter from Trudy Bancroft was presented which provides permission for the Fire Club to modify her dug well cover to permit installation of a suction pipe with foot valve for a source of water on the eastern end of Great Cranberry. Similar sources need to be obtained and put into operation. In the interim, Mr. Savage will be obtaining information from the State Fire Warden and other members of County/State government on gasoline operated water pumps and prices for presentation at the next meeting.

A second fire truck with a 600 to 800 gallon tank is sorely needed by the Great Cranberry Island Fire Department. Two trucks are already in operation on Islesford and this second truck on Great Cranberry would obviously provide the safety net required should there be a major house or forest fire. Additionally, sufficient pumping capability is required to suction water from the sea to supplement truck provided fresh water in fighting an island fire. Wesley Bracy Jr. made a motion, seconded by Michael Macfarlan, to replace immediately the "ditch pump" and George Savage is to obtain pump specifications and pricing. The motion was passed.

The meeting concluded at 8:30 PM

Dateline March 14, 1999

Snow started earlier today and continues this evening as I type. It's rather heavy this time and I expect it throughout tomorrow with some warming by afternoon Tuesday, 16 March.

Have finally learned how to guide the turkeys into and out of the barn using a broom. They waddle due to their weight and will not come in during snow storms, but I want them in since then I know where they are and its easier to find them come morning. Of course, this is an island and they can't go far.

Town of Cranberry Isles
Minutes of the Selectmen's Meeting
10 March 1999

Selectmen's Meeting for March 1999 convened immediately following the annual Town Meeting for the Town of Cranberry Isles. The first order of business was to organize the three selectmen. By general agreement Katherine Chaplin was selected as Chairman with Richard Beal as Secretary. The vote was unanimous for these two positions.

A bid notice had been posted by former Selectman Edward Horvath for the Launching and Hauling of floats on Great Cranberry Island, Islesford and Sutton Island. The specifications included repairs and painting of the floats with a submittal date on all bids of Friday, March 5th, 1999. Selectman Chaplin had one bid for a total of $10,800 from Harvey Bunker of Islesford. The bid was accepted by unanimous vote. 2/3 of the funding to be paid when the floats are put into the water and the final third when they are removed and stored in the fall of 1999.

The town has received a letter from the Holy Redeamer Catholic Church in Portland asking for a "liability certificate of insurance" to be sent to them. This is provided in conjunction with the leasing of land from the church in Northeast Harbor which is used for long term summer parking on the Joy Road.

The town received a letter from Stanley and Isabel Seimer of Syracuse, New York indicating that they had issued a conservation easement on their Great Cranberry land to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. The letter contained a check for $1000 for the town to help offset the loss of future taxes on this property.

Chairman Chaplin reported that she had received information on an emergency management planning seminar to be held in the near future in Ellsworth. She asked if there was any interest in attendance. There did not appear to be any.

Frances Bartlett, Town Clerk and Treasurer, presented two warrants for the payment of bills. Both warrants were signed by all three selectmen.

Continuation of:
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
10 March 1999

The selectmen discussed and then appointed the following individuals to the following positions for the year 1999 (March 1999 to March 2000):

Position Appointed
Registrar of Voters Frances Bartlett
Tax Assessor Gary Blanchette
Harbor Master, Islesford Mark Nighman
Constable, Islesford Courtney Chaplin
Constable & Harbor Master, Great Cranberry Richard Beal
Health Officer Warren Fernald
General Assistance Administrator Frances Bartlett
Road Commissioner, Great Cranberry Richard Beal
Road Commissioner, Islesford Maurice Phillips
Planning Board Ed Horvath (Three years - 2002)

The next Selectmen's meeting will be at 9:00 am, 2 April 1999, in the Islesford Neighborhood House.

      Richard F. Beal
      Secretary of the Selectmen
      Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine

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