The December 2000 Storm

Great Cranberry Island -- Early in the morning of 18 December 2000, winds of 70 to 80 mph blew down scores of trees, mostly on the western side of the island.  Lots of trees are down behind Mickey Macfarlan's, and shingles are off many houses facing the Western Way.  Power was off in Northeast Harbor for 2 days and six hours, and longer on Great Cranberry.

Vicky & Chris Johnston just sent me some photos, taken by Mike Westphal, of damage and tree blow-downs on their property from the recent December storm.  The cabin shown is directly on Preble Cove, between Betty Hartley's house and Mickey Macfarlan's property.  Many trees are down island-wide, and electricty was off for four days.  Well, see for yourself:

Betty Hartley's driveway.

Looking past Betty Hartley's house toward Chris & Vicky's cabin on Preble Cove.

Standing near the water of the cove looking inland at the front deck of the cabin.

That must've been some breeze!
Vicky & Chris go on to say:
"Bob Clark's crew made a path for an excavator
and the trees have been removed from the house."

Thanks, Mike, Chris, and Vicky!
Thanks, too, to Ruth Westphal for her facts about the storm.

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