Hannah Caroline's Lament

Down by the ocean, down by the sea
You gave your promise
You'd be coming back to me

I watched your strong arms
As you mastered the heavy oars
Headed for the Minerva
With 18 island boys

What was that uneasy feeling
Despite the water so calm
A day brimming with promise
No sign of anything wrong

Spring brought forth the lilacs
The lupines bloomed in June
In the hot days of August
I hoped you'd be home soon

Now my thoughts grow ever heavy
With the passing of each year
I long to hear of my showman
And keep vigil on the lonely pier

The ocean which brought me my true love
Has seen fit to carry you away
To freeze on the shores of Greenland
In the ice off Baffin Bay

Down by the ocean
Down by the sea
You gave your promise
You'd be coming
Back to me, back to me, back to me, back to me

Lyrics and Music by Audrey Noether Copyright © 2003
Inspired by Rachel Field's novel "God's Pocket."

You can hear Audrey singing this song, with accompaniment, on the DVD "Night of Poetry and Music, 2004" available from the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society.

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