Hitty City

Hitty Cranberry and Hitty Diane
Donated by the HittyGirls Yahoo Group

17 May 2007

Sue Glidden (known as 'Sue in Maine' on the internet) delivered and installed a wonderful collection of Hittys and Hitty items to the GCI Historical Society's museum on 17 May.
Sue in Maine

Hitty Cranberry Hitty Diane
Hitty Cranberry (left) and Hitty Diane (right)

The gift was a memorial for Diane Barrow-Clark, a well-known Hitty collector and carver, who posted eagerly-anticipated stories to the "HittyGirls" Yahoo group about her dolls' adventures running the "Lake Thonotosassa Boarding School."  Diane passed away 5 Sept. 2006.

The donation also included a beautiful cloth-bound Memorial Book showing many of the Hittys in Diane's collection, and also the individual items donated in her honor to the GCIHS museum.

Diane must have been well-loved because at least 27 people pitched in, donating an extravaganza of gifts in her memory:

Name Donation
Kathy Baxter Cape
Pipah Bradshaw (from Wales) Welsh costume
Nancy Brennan Table cloth
Folk bowls
Egg on plate
Louise "Wizzy" Brooks Blue wooden bench
Elise Buhn Undergarments
Celia Caldwell Monkey and basket of goodies
Julie DeGroat Photo challenge book
Michelle delValle Painting "Hitty Diane"
Karen Dietrich Knitting basket
Susan Duncan HittyGirls & "Hitty4Everyone"
name tags for the Hittys
Jane Evans Cape and bonnet
DMarie Ewing Quaker dress and dress forms
Sue Glidden Doll house
Quilt Rack
Memorial Book compiling
Trudy Glidden Cloth covered scrapbook
Fung Hicks Sampler dress
Tom Hindes Wooden trunk
Sharon Horswill Ship in bottle
Potted plant
Jill Hunter Embroidered Hitty pillow
Elaine Jackson Log cabin quilt
with stitched word "Hitty"
Michelle Kirby Granny square afghan
Braided rug
Pauline Nissan Dress and bonnet
Nancy Schaub Sleigh bed
Persian rug
Wooden table
Nancy Schell cloth "Hitty Cranberry" and accessories
Dawn Spinney Blue knitted scarf
Pat Thompson Beaded handbag
TC Vollum carving "Hitty Diane"
Sylvia Ybarra Hitty travel trunk

All the donations, in the doll house
Doll house

Hitty Cranberry and Hitty Diane (from HittyGirls) and Hitty Willow Thompson (from HittyforEveryone) were donated to us about the same time, all to honor the memory of Diane Barrow-Clark.