Hitty City

Hitty Greene and Parson's Bench
Made by David Greene
Donated by Gaye Greene
Donation arranged by Virginia Heyerdahl

3 July 2007

Virginia Heyerdahl, publisher of the Friends of Hitty Newsletter, wrote me on 25 June:

"One of our premiere artists, David Greene, passed away after an illness last year.  I wrote a piece about him for the newsletter -- and an article will also appear in Doll Castle News.

I wrote to his widow awhile back and suggested to her that the Friends of Hitty would like to do something on his behalf or in his memory and we would like to do it for the GCIHS and the new museum.  I asked her what she would suggest.  Well, she has VERY GENEROUSLY donated one of his dolls and one of his parson's benches -- both of which he made himself!  I thought that was absolutely wonderful.  I am going to get them packaged up -- hopefully this evening -- and am going to try to send them to you either tomorrow or Wednesday."

Sure enough, we received the Hitty and bench just before the July 4th holiday.  By a lucky coincidence, we had just purchased an empty doll room, with nothing to put into it... so that will now become the new setting for the Greene donation (see below.)

Hitty Rachel in her case

We'll be working to fill the room with other appropriate pieces soon.  By the way, there's a hidden area, with lights, behind the windows, so an outdoor scene could be placed there, such as a view of Preble Cove.

-Bruce Komusin