Hitty City

Hitty "Nameless"
Donated by Carol Marr

16 September 2006

Carol Marr, a dedicated Hitty lover, donated this Hitty to us at the "All This and Hitty, Too" event in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, I forgot to ask her the doll's name.  She's a real cutey!

Hitty Rachel in her case

This is the tiniest Hitty I've ever seen, and the workmanship is fantastic.  Just about 2 inches tall, she has articulated shoulders, elbows, and knees.  Her legs move independantly at the hips, but the arms are connected through the body, so they move up and down together.

Sue & Big Hitty

The doll is signed on the back, and, though I can't make out all the writing, it seems to say:

Eric Horne
© ????

I tried to contact Mr. Horne, who lives in the UK, through his web site,  eric-horne.co.uk  but with no luck so far.

This is truly a unique Hitty, and real conversation piece.
-Bruce Komusin