Hitty City

Hitty Thonotosassa
Donated by the Hittygirls Yahoo Group
Arranged by Ann Stroupe

4 December 2006

The active Hitty enthusuasts of the Hittygirls Yahoo group just donated a Hitty, carved by Janet Cordell, to the Historical Society.

Hitty Rachel in her case

Donated in memory of Diane Barrow-Clark, a well-known Hitty carver, Hitty Thonotosassa is named for the lake in Florida nearby where Diane lived.

Accessories and props included with the donation illustrate Hitty's adventure in the crow's nest, from chapter 2 of Hitty Her First Hundred Years, by Rachel Field.  Also included is a print of Dorothy Lathrop's delightful illustration of the crow's nest adventure.

The gift was organized by Ann Stroupe, but many other members of the group helped hunt down or make the different pieces.  Ann supplied the following information, summarized from her web page:

This Hitty will make a striking display at the museum - thanks, Hittygirls!
-Bruce Komusin