Hitty City

Hitty Turner
Made by Nathalie Turner
Donated by Bruce Komusin

7 June 2011

Carved out of basswood by Nathalie Goss Turner; labeled on her back "A29" and (in a circle) "T"

With accessories: pink and white floral pattern dress, white bonnet with roses, coral colored beaded necklace, white petticoat and pantaloons.

Bought by Bruce Komusin and donated.

After this, Bruce got in touch with Nathalie's daughter, Cathy Turner, and invited them to come to Hitty Hoopla. They both accepted! And Cathy was lucky enough to win two prizes in the Hitty Raffle: a violet mist woven throw, and a flat Hitty Preble doll and booklet.

-Bruce Komusin