Hitty City

Hitty Willow Thompson
Donated by the HittyforEveryone Yahoo Group

29 May 2007

Linda Bennett, of Flintstone, Maryland, organized a wonderful gift which we received by mail today, consisting of Hitty Willow Thompson plus all the accessories shown below:

Hitty Willow and Accessories

Included was the following note:

Hi Bruce, We would like to donate Hitty Willow Thompson in memory of Diane Barrow-Clark.  Diane was a group member of HittyforEveryone [a Yahoo group.]

Diane was caretaker of Lake Thonotosassa Boarding School in Florida (LTBS, as she referred to it) where Hitty Willow Thompson was Head Mistress.

Hitty Willow Thompson was carved for Diane by Pat Thompson in 2005.  She resided at LTBS until the death of Diane.

The group decided to send Hitty Willow Thompson to Cranberry Island in Memory of Diane, who was loved, and loved everyone, and loved Hitty.

In the room box, hanging on the wall, is a picture of Diane, a picture of the students that were at LTBS, and also a picture of Jacques, the last doll purchased by Diane and donated to the group to use as their travel doll.

The room box, trunk, Hitty Willow Thompson, and accessories were donated by HittyforEveryone group members:

  • Kathie Baxter
  • Linda Bennett and the Yabba Dabba Doo Hittys
  • Elise Buhn
  • Sharon Horswill
  • Linda Knott
  • Judy Millman and the Sherman Oaks Hittys
  • Sue Parker

Diane kept a homepage for the group; if anyone would like to visit it, it is still there at: hometown.aol.com/telegirl/page1.html
[unfortunately, AOL closed all "hometown" accounts Oct. 31, 2008]

This is the group Diane belonged to:

Yours sincerely,
Linda Bennett, a friend to Diane and moderator of the group

Diane was Linda's right hand lady helping with the group.  She is missed so much by all of us at HittyforEveryone.

Smooch - Smooch Diane!

When I received the package at the Cranberry Isles Post Office, I was so excited I had to quickly open it and take a snapshot right by the dock, where the Post Office is.

Hitty Willow at the dock

Then I went to the museum and temporarily set up the room box next to Big Hitty so they could get acquainted.  They hit it off from the start.

Hitty Willow and Big Hitty

We did have to move the room box with Hitty Willow Thompson inside to a closed display case, but before doing so I took one more closeup of her in her room box.

Hitty Willow in her roombox

Hitty Willow Thompson (from HittyforEveryone) and Hitty Cranberry and Hitty Diane (from HittyGirls) were donated to us about the same time, all to honor the memory of Diane Barrow-Clark.

The HittyGirls donation also included a beautiful cloth-bound Memorial Book showing many of the Hittys in Diane's collection, and also the individual items donated in her honor to the GCIHS museum.