Rachel Field
Rachel, and her autograph

Rachel Field

Author Rachel Lyman Field (1894-1942) specialized in plays, poems, and children's literature during the first part of her career. She later wrote several adult novels, three of which were made into Hollywood movies.

Maine was one of her favorite places. She was a long-time summer resident of the Cranberry Isles. At first she stayed on Great Cranberry Island and actually took meals upstairs in Cranberry House, when it was at its original site. Later she bought her own cottage on Sutton Island.

Great Cranberry Island held a warm spot in her heart—see her poems:

Her 1934 novel God's Pocket was about Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr., the Great Cranberry Islander who built the house later occupied by the Prebles.

The first three chapters of Hitty, Her First Hundred Years were set in the Preble House on Great Cranberry Island.

The Works of Rachel Field

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