Hitty Visits

Sue in Maine Visit #1

Dear Hitty Moms,

Here are the first of what will be quite a few photos.

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's a foggy, cool day in Maine, temps are 66-70 degrees.  We arrived at Northeast Harbor at 9:35 am.  We board a Beal and Bunker Mail Boat that will take us on a 15 minute ride to Great Cranberry Island.  Our round trip fare is $16.00 per person.  Since we are traveling in the travel box we will not have to pay.  Miss Sue has tied the box shut so it won't accidentally open.  She said she can picture in her mind as she is boarding the boat the latch comes undone and we fall into the ocean, she said she's not taking any chances.  We are safe and warm in our box and can hear all of the goings on around us.

When we arrived at the Island Pier Mr. Bruce Komusin picked us up.  He is a kind man and drove us around the island.  He showed us the home of the new museum that the Island Historical Society is renovating.  It is an old building that they moved to land he donated.  The building used to be a Tea House and Rachel Field actually enjoyed her tea there.  The building is empty now and is in the beginning stages of restoration.  We didn't get a picture of the building but you can see it when you visit the Great Cranberry Island web site.

This is the Preble home that Rachel Field used as the family setting in the book.  The Lupines are beautiful!  We also visited the Preble cemetery; while we were there it began to thunder.

This is the nice lady who works at the Museum.

Hitty Lynn puts money in the donation jar.

There's a nice dollhouse at the museum and an old fashioned phone too.

Michelle's lifesized Hitty is absolutely amazing.  She is so much bigger than us, in fact she's a Giant!  She is very friendly though and read to us from her book.

Miss Sue says it's getting late (it's 11:25) and that we need our sleep so we have to sign off now.

Closeup photo of the Hittys that visited on June 23, 2006.

From your girls vacationing in Northeast Maine.

Sue and the Northeast Hittys in Maine