Hitty Visits

Sue in Maine Visit #2

Dear Hitty Moms,

September 1, 2006

We arrived on the island and were met by Mr. Bruce Komusin who gave us a wonderful tour of GCI and the GCI Historical Society Museum.  First he showed us some wild cranberries; we were allowed to eat them, they were delicious.

This will be [Cranberry House] the new home of the GCIHS museum.  They have great plans for this building.  It was once a tea room where Rachel Field was actually a patron.  There will be displays, conventions and a snack bar here.

The museum does not charge a fee but they do accept donations.  We are donating dollar bills and coins to the donation jar.  Hitty Rachel seems to like it here and is glad we brought her today.

Here we are with Giant Hitty; she looks scary but she really isn't.

Mr. Bruce took Miss Sue's picture with Giant Hitty too.

Here we are saying good bye to Hitty Rachel.  We will miss her.  She'll have a great life here meeting all of the visitors.  We will come back again to visit her too.

View of Cadillac Mountain and "The Bubbles" from GCI

Here we are purchasing Post Cards at the Whale's Rib Gift Shop.

Two views of the home Rachel Field used as the model for the Preble Home in her book.

We ate lunch on the shore and then looked for some rocks.  We were hoping to find some sea glass but didn't.

This is our mail boat waiting for us to board for the 1:00 trip to Islesford.


--Sue and the Northeast Hittys in Maine