Hitty Visits

Sue in Maine Visit #3

May 17-18, 2007

Hitty Mom received an invitation from Mr. Bruce treasurer of the GCIHS to spend the night in his rental cottage on GCI so we left a day early.  We began our day by shopping at Jamie's Miniatures in Belfast where we met Hitty Sara Diane's Hitty Mom, Miss Nancy for lunch.  We enjoyed a cup of hot fish chowder and had our photos taken in the restaurant window.  There was a strange rock in the window we asked what it was and were told it was a curling stone. This sport is well known to the Belfast area.

We left Belfast and took the 1 hr and 45 min drive to Southwest Harbor where we would park our van for the evening and take the Island Ferry to GCI.  On the drive we discovered we must cross the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge.  It is a very modern suspension bridge with a lookout tower overlooking the Penobscot River and Penobscot Bay.  The old green suspension bridge still stands as the new bridge opened in December and the old bridge has not yet been demolished.  Hitty Mom is scared of bridges, especially suspension bridges and the old one that used to be there.  She stopped to take a few photos and wondered if she would be able to drive across the bridge but we made it just fine.  On the other side of the bridge we stopped in Bucksport to take a picture of Fort Knox.

We finally made it to SW Harbor and took the Island Ferry to GCI where Mr. Bruce met us at the dock.  He took us to meet Miss Wini and we all drove to the Museum together.  There was a nice space on a table next to Big Hitty where we put the house display box and then the items were arranged inside.  We all entered the box to have our photos taken and to say good-bye to our new Hitty friends.  We also had our photo taken with Big Hitty.

Sue installing the HittyGirls donation

Mr. Bruce arranged for Hitty Mom, himself and Miss Wini to enjoy a lovely dinner prepared by island residents in their wonderful home.  Hitty Mom even had the opportunity to meet the kind gentleman who now lives in the Preble home.  We did not meet anyone at dinner as we were in our travel case in Hitty Mom's bag.  We knew the home must have been wonderful though as we could hear Hitty Mom telling Mr. Phil how she just loved his older home and how much it reminded her of her great aunt's home that she grew up in.  None of can figure out why Hitty Mom didn't just pop open her bag and get us out but the bag was under the piano and she didn't want to make a spectacle of herself.  Really now how would she have done that when the museum members have such an interest in Hittys is beyond us but it happened.  It wasn't that she didn't want to present us it was just that the conversations evolved and the opportunity didn't present itself.  All of us were very disappointed with this, including Hitty Mom.

We hope you enjoy the photos that we have sent via our Yahoo album.

Your friends in Maine,
Hitty Lynn, the official Hitty in Maine tour guide
Hitty Ali who is co-hosting this activity

Sue and the Northeast Hittys in Maine