Ballads of the Cranberry Islands

Edited by Hugh L. Dwelley



Dedication & Preface
The Sailor's Alphabet

Memorial Ballads
The Loss of the Schooner Minerva
The Death of William Gilley
LINES on the Death of Mr. William Gilley
LINES Composed on the Death of Captain Samuel Spurling
LINES on the Death of Captain Smith C. Spurling
The Death of Herbert Rice

Locally Sung Ballads
The Cruise of the Nancy, Banker
The Eastern Light
Root, Hog, or Die
Captain Wasgatt
Bracey on the Shore
Old Joe
The Possum Song

Deep-Sea Songs
The Banks of Newfoundland
The Greenland Whale Fishery
The Bold Pirate

A Walk to the Maypole in Memory of Mary & Winifred Smyth

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